How to Improve Sell Through

scm white paper: measure and improve sell through

How to Measure and Improve Sell Through

Supply Chain Graphic: Measure and Improve Retail Sell ThroughWith the shift in the market away from traditional push-based enterprise systems to a modern pull-based multi-enterprise approach (what Gartner calls a Demand Driven Value Network), there is a real opportunity to dramatically increase consumer sell-through. The benefit of doing this: a significant increase in revenue and margins not only for your company, but for your retail partners, suppliers and other trading partners as well.

In this white paper you will learn how both online and offline stores can:

  • Shift the performance measurement focus to the end consumer by making products more available
  • Reduce costly stocks-outs that eat into profits
  • Make items more affordable by reducing the total landed costs of products
  • Overall, sell more for less and boost profits

How to Measure and Improve Sell Through

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