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Powering the New Generation of Renewable Energy and Sustainability Network Solutions

One Network’s Real Time Value Network™ provides the ideal foundation to connect the different players in the energy sector and create optimized supply chain solutions.

One Network has partnered with industry leaders such as Lockheed Martin to create solutions to difficult energy problems facing the world today. We are proving that solutions within the energy sector are best served through a SaaS model that fully leverages a multi-party network.

Solutions within the Energy Sector

Intermittent Renewable Resource Forecasting

Increasing mandates for the development of utility-scale, electric power generation from intermittent renewable sources such as wind, solar and wave has created an integration problem for the power grid. Because renewable sources such as wind are inherently unpredictable, they present significant challenges to balancing supply and demand in real-time at the system level.

Lockheed Martin and One Network have combined advanced sensor technology with the RTVN platform to create a solution that improves the predictability and management of intermittent renewable generation sources.

The network platform enables real-time availability of accurate information related to renewable resource ramp profiles, expected power output and alert conditions so that site operators can optimize asset performance while system operators are able to more effectively maintain overall grid stability and reliability.

Electrical Grid Wide Area Situational Awareness

The Lockheed Martin-One Network solution helps manage today’s complex power grid. The modern power grid has grown far too complex to manage using conventional data-intensive techniques, such as analyzing the raw output of SCADA systems for anomalous conditions.

Developer Network in Action

Lockheed Martin Space Systems is building their Renewable Energy Optimization System (REOS) with One Network’s Developer Network. The REOS project entails a multi-party network comprising of suppliers, O&M Service Providers, Site Owners/Operators, Utilities/Clients, RTIs/ISOs and Regulatory Agencies. Learn more about Lockheed Martin’s REOS.

Visualization and management of the power grid using advanced graphical technologies has the potential to greatly improve overall grid stability and reliability. Accurate and consistent operational status information is of importance to a number of grid constituents including plant operators, utilities and systems operators.

The information must be shared across the value chain, but it must also be secured such that each party sees only information relevant to their organization function. The Lockheed Martin-One Network solution employs a highly secure multi-party network as a single platform for enhancing communication and coordination among all grid participants.

Our Energy Solution includes:

  • State-of-the-art, multi-touch interactive display panels
  • Advanced graphics software for grid infrastructure and status visualization
  • Secured multi-party network for sharing grid information and alert conditions among key constituents

Benefits of One Network’s Renewable Energy Solutions:

  • Improved system visibility and situational awareness
  • Improved wind resource forecast accuracy
  • Reduction of balancing penalties
  • Improved asset and portfolio performance
  • Improved communication and coordination
  • Timely analytical reporting and business intelligence

Spare Parts Management Solution for an Electrical Grid

A key nexus between the electricity grid and supply chain management is spare parts management. A comprehensive power grid model combined with One Network’s supply chain model creates a differentiated industry solution.

The One Network platform can identify the types of components and replenishment workflows as well as the associated services that are required to support the electricity grid.

The platform can provide repair service organizations with visibility into parts and services that are required, including equipment types (vehicle requirements) and personnel specialization requirements before leaving the operation depots or yards.

What is the Real Time Value Network?

Click to learn about the Real Time Value Network. You can achieve coordinated, real time decision-making across your supply chain by connecting your organization to the Real Time Value Network.

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