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Business Internet Services

Tools for easy communication and collaboration

The Real Time Value Network’s™ Business Internet Services allows users and groups within your own supply chain to easily communicate. Services include wikis, forums, instant messaging, contact management, secure mail, and compliance management. Business Internet Services make for easier collaboration and coordination within and outside your enterprise. The Business Internet Services solution includes many services such wiki’s, forums, chat, video, content management, mail and contact management/rolodex services.

Business Internet Services at a Glance

  • Allows users and groups across the supply chain to communicate
  • Includes wikis, forums, instant messaging, contact messaging, secure mail, and compliance management
  • Coordinate with trading partners in real time

Platform Services

The Network is the Solution

Subscribing to any service gives you access to the Real Time Value Network community and all of its other services. Click here to learn how the Real Time Value Network can make your supply chain more demand-driven.
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