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Track inventory in-transit, increase visibility of customers and suppliers, meet service levels, lower transportation, IT, and operating costs

With One Network’s demand driven logistics solution, we are standardizing and automating our inbound and outbound transportation processes and creating collaborative workflows between KIK, our vendors, customers, and carriers. We are also vastly improving our cost reporting abilities.”

KIK Director of Transportation

Countless lanes, hundreds of carriers, thousands of miles—the logistics landscape has never been more challenging. Your department plays an integral role in your company’s bottom line, and yet on a daily basis you’re being forced to make crucial decisions based on hunches and stale data. Connect your organization to the Real Time Value Network™ and your job suddenly becomes much easier. In the Real Time Value Network, your inbound and outbound transportation (both domestic and global), inventory, and supply, demand, and capacity constraints can be viewed and managed in one system in real time. Coordinate with your suppliers and customers. Manage costs and service levels given the parameters that you set. See what demand-driven logistics looks like and contact us for a free demonstration.

Connect to the Real Time Value Network and in less than 90 days experience these potential benefits:

  • Improved margins
  • Improve supply chain sustainability
  • Increased planner efficiency
  • Global logistics visibility
  • Greater carrier satisfaction
  • Higher freight audit and pay accuracy/efficiency
  • SaaS/cloud means lower IT costs

The Network is the Solution

Subscribing to any service gives you access to the Real Time Value Network community and all of its other services. Click here to learn how the Real Time Value Network can make your supply chain more demand-driven. The Real Time Value Network’s services include:
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