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Create Your Own Template with Developer Network

Developer Network helps customers build their own Best Practice Template, multi-company network applications, standard multi-tenant SaaS applications and single-tenant applications. Developer Network leverages our industry leading Software Development Kit (SDK) to provide you with standard languages and tools such as Java, HTML, CSS, Oracle, JavaScript and SQL. It also supports graphical design of processes and workflows and more via our graphical design tools.

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Build, Run, and Maintain Network Applications in the Cloud

Selected by Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Lockheed Martin Space Systems is building their Renewable Energy Optimization System (REOS) with One Network’s Developer Network.

Developer Network is the industry’s first cloud development platform for building, running, and maintaining multi-party network applications in the cloud – and connecting your existing apps to the network.

Developer Network is the only development tool available today that allows you to build a true many-to-many application. The over 30,000 organizations connected to Real Time Value Network today are available to connect immediately to any application you build.

These applications – or cloud services – can be built using one or more of the many composite applications available via our module store. By using the composite applications, both development time and support time are greatly reduced.

Benefits of the Developer Network

  • Enable a 30-50 % improvement in developer productivity
  • Improve developer productivity to 75%+ with One Network Composite apps
  • Reduce ongoing support costs by 50-70%
  • Extend One Network Services for increased fit-to-purpose
  • Use existing Enterprise Social Graph to dramatically decrease roll-out time

Explore our Developer Network platform

DevNet Resources

  • US Marine Corp ExLog War Games Case Study Power of PaaS Webinar Webinar with two case studies (US Marine Corps and healthcare app) explaining how companies are using ONE's Dev Net and Platform-as-a-Service to build innovative multi-party apps in the cloud.
  • Demand Planning, Demand Management Software DevNet for Multi-Enterprise Network Apps An introduction and explanation on how companies and developers can use One Network's DevNet to quickly and easily build powerful multi-enterprise network applications in the cloud.

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