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Supply Chain and ERP Cloud Computing Technology

What exactly is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a term that can refer to anything from virtualized infrastructure to hosted ERP applications. One Network’s cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for you to procure and manage application servers and hardware. In addition, our Real Time Value Network™ platform is unique in that it supports a true many-to-many, multi-party, multi-echelon implementation.

One Network’s Supply Chain Solution in the Cloud

One Network Supply Chain Management in the Cloud

Different from a traditional SaaS service, where each company is hosted individually and does not integrate well with its trading partners, One Network’s Real Time Value Network is a network of companies seamlessly working together. The cloud-based platform enables instant, real-time visibility across all of your value chain participants with one single connection. One Network integrates with ERP and legacy systems to unite all parties around a single version of the truth. Through our sophisticated and patented permissibility framework, companies can only see their own data unless other data is made available from their partners.

What does this mean for you? Bottom line: cost savings. Our cloud solution saves you from having to purchase, maintain and train IT staff on expensive hardware and proprietary software code. With One Network’s technology solutions in the cloud, you no longer have to purchase, maintain, update and replace expensive equipment. The cloud solution also enables us to provide industry-leading time-to-value, with implementation times averaging less than half the time of traditional supply chain solutions. In addition, real-time data across all of your value chain participants means increased revenue opportunities.

So, say goodbye to costly equipment, maintenance and proprietary programming languages. And get acquainted with instant data flow across your entire value network. Connect to your entire value network in the cloud and see how easy it is to lower your costs and increase your profits.


DevNet Resources

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  • Demand Planning, Demand Management Software DevNet for Multi-Enterprise Network Apps An introduction and explanation on how companies and developers can use One Network's DevNet to quickly and easily build powerful multi-enterprise network applications in the cloud.

The Network is the Solution

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