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Supply Chain Control Towers

A Brief Guide to Control Towers

What is a Supply Chain Control Tower?

There are many definitions but Capgemini offers a good, broad definition that many would agree with: “A supply chain control tower is a central hub with the required technology, organization, and processes to capture and use supply chain data to provide enhanced visibility for short and long term decision making that is aligned with strategic objectives.” (Source: Capgemini Consulting)

Why the Interest in Control Towers?

There are many factors driving the rise of control towers, such as big data, outsourcing, and higher customer expectations; but the single biggest reason is that today’s global supply chains have become very complex and difficult to manage. Control towers are promoted as a way to manage and deal with this complexity.

Limitations of Control Towers

Supply chain control towers may offer some benefits, such as providing some visibility into your supply chain beyond your four walls. However they can also suffer from significant flaws and fail to meet some of the best practices that should be considered when selecting supply chain technology. To read more about the benefits and disadvantages of control towers, and for recommendations on choosing supply chain technology visit: All About Supply Chain Control Towers

Resources on Supply Chain Control Towers

Shirell James on Supply Chain Control Towers

Learn more about control towers at All About Supply Chain Control Towers, a brief guide to supply chain control towers, including:

  • Video Interview: Q&A on Control Towers with supply chain expert Shirell James
  • Webinar: Supply Chain Control Towers- Separating Fact from Fiction, supply chain veterans, Alain Poirier and Mark Zelenak, discuss the details of what control towers can and can’t accomplish, and suggest several best practices to keep in mind when choosing supply chain technology.
  • White Paper: The Truth About Supply Chain Control Towers cuts through the hype to examine the facts about control towers.

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