Demand-Driven Value Networks Today

Being demand driven means building a much more flexible and agile supply and distribution system to respond quickly to variable demand signals

This webcast has been broadcast, updated supply chain resources below.

Demand-Driven Supply Chain

Get our latest videos and downloads on demand-driven supply networks and supply chain management from our Resource Library. Learn how retailers, consumer products, manufacturers and logistics can all work together on a single network with ONE’s consumer-driven supply chain management solution to provide better customer service at lower cost.

Leading retailers are creating demand-driven supply chains today – without replacing ERP and legacy supply chain applications. Learn the practical steps they are taking to:

  • increase same-store sales by capturing sales they already “own”
  • reduce out-of-stocks and cut inventory
  • cope with transport capacity challenges, Working Time Directive and HOS regulations
  • prepare for RFID implementations
  • move to next-generation vendor-managed inventory (VMI) processes

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