One Network’s Demand Driven Transportation Solution is Successfully Deployed by KIK Custom Products

One Network’s Demand Driven Transportation solution to manage inbound raw materials into KIK plants and outbound distribution to their retailer customers.

Dallas, TX (September 11, 2008) — One Network Enterprises, an innovator in multi-enterprise business process solutions, today announced that KIK Custom Products (KIK), one of North America’s largest custom manufacturers of both National Brand and Retailer Brand consumer products, has successfully deployed One Network’s Demand Driven Transportation solution.

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KIK will utilize One Network’s Demand Driven Transportation solution to manage inbound raw materials into their plants and outbound distribution to their retailer customers. The solution was initially deployed in Auburndale, FL, Salem, VA, and Hampton, GA with future deployments scheduled for their remaining locations.

With the deployment of One Network, KIK intends to replace and re-engineer their transportation management process and solutions. “Over the last few years we have grown rapidly through acquisitions and this has put strains on our transportation processes and systems,” stated Chet Barrows, KIK’s Director of Corporate Transportation. “With One Network’s Demand Driven Transportation solution, we are standardizing and automating our inbound and outbound transportation processes and creating collaborative workflows between KIK, our vendors, customers, and carriers. We are also vastly improving our cost reporting abilities. We hope to capitalize on One Network’s leading appointment scheduling capabilities to streamline our pickup and delivery processes and improve our customer service visibility and responsiveness.”

With Del Monte’s deployment earlier this year, KIK becomes the second consumer products manufacturer to successfully deploy One Network’s Demand Driven Solutions over the last six months. “With KIK and Del Monte and our strong retail base we continue to prove a collaborative business process between manufacturers and retailers is possible,” stated Greg Brady, One Network President and CEO. “This collaboration sparks the missing link between creating a truly demand driven supply chain.”

About KIK Custom Products

KIK Custom Products is one of North America’s largest custom manufacturers of consumer products in the bleach, household cleaners, OTC medicated, pharmaceutical and health & beauty care segments. The company produces leading National Brand products for Fortune 500 companies and Retailer Brand products for leading North American and global retailers.

About One Network Enterprises, Inc.

One Network Enterprises is a pioneer in multi-enterprise and multi-party sense-and-respond solutions. One Network operates industry-specific networks and applications that are proven to deliver rapid results. One Network’s solutions provide visibility, decision-support, execution and analytics across multiple internal divisions and trading partners, while embracing existing IT and B2B infrastructure, policies, and business processes. The process and data models required are fundamentally different from enterprise-centric models and are powered by our unique many-to-many integrated Platform.

In the supply chain execution space, One Network’s solutions continuously monitor demand, supply, and logistics signals and incrementally orchestrate execution across the multi-party network to optimize customer experience. The proprietary demand sensing provides advance visibility and the multi-party optimization provides the best customer service at the lowest total landed cost. This results in lower lead-times and very fast value networks with tremendous benefits to all the partners. We call this Demand-Driven. These capabilities are flexible and can be employed to power a subset or complete end-to-end business process that can range from order management, inventory management, distribution, logistics, manufacturing, to procurement in a multi-party environment.

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