One Network Announces Demand Driven Transportation Management and Replenishment Network Suite

Replenishment, Distribution and Transportation Management Solutions Transform Legacy Supply Chains Into Global Value Networks

Dallas, TX (July 9, 2007) — One Network Enterprises, the pioneer of innovative solutions for managing Global Value Networks, today announced the availability of its Demand Driven Replenishment, Distribution and Transportation network-based application suite. Spanning high impact processes from the origin of supply to the point of consumption, these solutions provide a unified global network for multi-enterprise planning, execution, visibility, collaboration and transaction management.

Replenishment, Distribution and Transportation Solution

One Network’s solutions unify and manage end-to-end Replenishment, Distribution and Transportation Management System processes, and are built with the company’s next-generation technology including robust applications, powerful software infrastructure and delivered via a highly scalable global trading network. One Network solutions are used by over 2,200 customers and manage over $120 billion in global trade. The company’s innovative designs are based on four key principles:

  1. Flawless multi-enterprise process management: Today’s Global Value Networks require collaboration across multiple companies, dictating the requirement for an innovative architecture that manages the end-to-end process.
  2. Enable continuous planning and execution management: Yesterday’s “plan then execute” model for supply chain management is dead. Dynamic customer requirements and supplier capacities require the ability to continuously sense and respond to business changes.
  3. Align forward-most demand changes with the operating plan: It is never enough to simply receive a demand signal – organizations must both interpret the signal and execute a fully constrained demand response across global operations with zero latency. One Network’s multi-enterprise model ensures that demand changes in continuous alignment with supply, logistics and enterprise capacities and executed in complete accord with organizational policies and time requirements.
  4. Powerful global network to unite the trading community: Quantum improvements in Replenishment, Distribution and Transportation management can only be accomplished by bringing the entire trading community, from the customer’s customer to the supplier’s supplier, into a single global trading network that manages the end-to-end process.

“One Network’s Demand Driven solutions set a new standard for Global Value Network performance by fundamentally improving how processes are designed, controls are enforced, trading partners collaborate and transactions are executed,” stated Greg Brady, Chairman of One Network. “Our innovative approach to multi-enterprise commerce is both production proven and delivering quantifiable and recurring value, measured by reduced operating costs, increased revenue and capital efficiency.”

The company’s network-based suites transform legacy supply chains into Global Value Networks, combining critical application-layer functionality with a multi-enterprise services backbone that delivers complete visibility and collaboration across the trading community and ensures that all transactions are flawlessly executed in complete conformance to controls, policies and master data. One Network’s innovative applications and architecture enables organizations to keep pace with their dynamic operating model while reducing IT costs and complexity.

“One Network provides Arrow Electronics a next-generation global replenishment solution that combines powerful inventory and order management capabilities with a global network that unites our customers and suppliers,” stated Bob Martin, Director, Supply Chain, Arrow Electronics. “The solution enables our customers to significantly improve procurement and inventory operation and lower their operating costs.”

About One Network Enterprises, Inc.

One Network Enterprises is a technology innovator and pioneer of the next-generation solutions that transform legacy supply chains into Global Value Networks. The company provides robust applications for Replenishment, Distribution and Transportation Management, built on a powerful multi-enterprise software infrastructure and delivered via a highly scalable global network. One Network solutions are used by over 2,200 companies in the retail, consumer goods, high technology and government markets and manages over $120 billion in global trade. The company is based in Dallas, Texas and has offices in the United States and Europe.