Supply Chain Software and Technology: The Status and the Future

One Network can do both planning and execution: Shippers are embracing the trend

by Bridgette McCrea, Supply Chain Software and Technology

This article examines the software and solutions that vendors are developing, and the technology that they’re using to make those systems better, faster and cheaper.

Historically, supply chain software has been divided into two broad categories: supply chain execution (the optimization of product and service flow from source to customer) and supply chain planning (the coordination of assets to optimize the delivery of goods, services and information from supplier to customer). Over the last year, however, the lines between the two have become blurred, with new software bridging into both areas.

Nari Viswanathan, research director, supply chain management, for Aberdeen Group in Boston, points to One Network as a vendor that’s helping to bridge the gap. “Its solution can do both planning and execution,” says Viswanathan, “and provides solutions that cover a wide variety of user roles and functions.” He says shippers are embracing the trend, with large high-tech, CPG, aerospace and defense manufacturers purchasing the software, which “sits on top of existing ERP systems.”

“Going forward,” says Viswanathan, “I see SOA and master data management allowing companies to synchronize across these disparate systems.”

Extract from Supply Chain Software and Technology