One Network Launches Next Gen Multi-Party Procure to Pay Network

Latest release takes supplier collaboration to the next level.

Dallas – February 9, 2011 – One Network Enterprises, a federated cloud computing platform for supply chain 2.0, business intelligence and sustainability, today announced the availability of Community Procurement 2.0, the industry’s first many-to-many, multi-party procure-to-pay solution designed for multi-echelon supply chains.  The latest version of Community Procurement enables companies to manage the entire order lifecycle process from order creation through invoicing and payment with supplier score carding for direct material, indirect material and spare parts.

The solution will leverage forward demand and current inventory to auto-generate predictive orders, validate orders against contracts and provide end-to-end visibility, transaction processing, executing services and global optimization to the supply chain including from the forward most sales location down to the co-packers, co-manufacturers, component and raw material suppliers.   This provides a common, single version of near real time planning, procurement and fulfillment information to help lower costs and improve customer service for all participants in the supply network.  Because it is deployed as a many-to-many solution, buyers and suppliers only need to connect once to transact with all of their customers and trading partners.

“As supply networks have grown more complex, companies realize that they can no longer afford to communicate with suppliers in silos of different systems and outdated information”, said Greg Brady, CEO, One Network Enterprises.  “We view supply chains as a community that requires a multi-party platform that allows all members of the community to work off of a single demand signal, from finished goods demand at the front of the chain to the translated raw material demand, in near real time. With historic and predictive analytics, our solution allows companies to manage by exception and drive continuous improvements across their supply network.”

Community Procurement 2.0 provides a rich set of new functionality to improve inbound supply operations.  Unlike traditional supplier collaboration portals, Community Procurement 2.0 provides enterprise-ready application services that support a variety of multi-enterprise workflows including:

  • RFQ ManagementCreate RFQs and solicit quotations from approved vendor lists
  • Contract ManagementEstablish and manage complex contract terms and sourcing policies with vendors
  • Replenishment Planning Leverage demand forecast, on-hand and in-transit inventory to predict order requirements
  • Order Management– Generate and approve orders, validate orders against contract terms, distribute orders to vendors and allow them to generate ship notifications
  • Automated Invoicing – Automatically generate invoices and payments based on the contract, compliance, allowed surcharges, receipts and inspections
  • ConsignmentProvide execution services to generate orders, manage inventory, and notify vendors when inventory has been consumed by the buyer to trigger invoice creation
  • Vendor Management InventoryEnable vendors to monitor the inventory levels and create VMI orders
  • Master Production Scheduling – Generate schedule requirements for co-manufactures and co-packers to ensure their plants have optimal inventory
  • Demand TranslationConvert finished goods demand based on BOM structures and sourcing rules in to raw material forecasts and orders
  • Appointment SchedulingEnable vendors and carriers to schedule material pickup and delivery
  • Freight ManagementManage and create shipments as collect or provide a service to manage it prepaid for the supplier
  • Handheld Device IntegrationLeverage One Network handheld devices to scan material to generate proof of delivery
  • VAN Enablement Vendors can send and receive procurement and fulfillment transactions via standard EDI message formats, CSV files, XML, etc.
  • Business Internet Services.Share unstructured content and program information such as documents and videos with trading partners via a secure web site.

For more information about the One Network Community Procurement solution, please call us at +1 866.302.1936.

About One Network Enterprises

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