Arrow Hits Replenishment Target

By Merrill Douglas, Inbound Logistics

Arrow aims at One Network’s platform to recharge its automated replenishment program, and hits the customer service bull’s eye. Arrow Electronics aims at the heart of its customers’ needs. Rather than wait until manufacturers place orders for new product, the Melville, N.Y.-based electronic components distributor discovers what customers require almost before they know it themselves.

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Last year, Arrow moved CARES to a new platform, developed by One Network Enterprises, Dallas. As a result of that move, CARES now is easier to implement and maintain, and it provides additional functions. The enhanced technology also opens the door to new applications for Arrow in the future.

One Network Stands Out

Narrowing down an initial list of 15 contenders through an extensive procurement process, Arrow targeted One Network. The solution’s cost and quality, and One Network’s personnel, were deciding factors, Martin says.

One Network also stood out because its solution offered many functions that Arrow wouldn’t use right away, but might want to tap in the future. “Many other systems we considered were more narrowly defined,” Martin notes.

Building a network to manage replenishment and other supply chain functions was not a novel prospect for One Network. Founded in 2002, the software vendor has created several electronic communities that automate transactions and allow collaboration among trading partners.

In the retail sector, for example, One Network operates a community that manages inbound transportation for about 25 percent of the food transported in the United States.