DC Velocity: “Billion Dollar Baby”

By Steve Geary, DC Velocity

To address the critical issue of multiple information systems, Menlo selected One Network Enterprises’ transportation applications as the initiative’s software backbone.

“One Network’s next-generation transportation management suite was a principal component of our integrated solution proposal,” said Andy Dyer, a vice president at Menlo Worldwide Government Services and the program manager for DTCI, in prepared remarks issued in March. “Their advanced optimization capabilities, coupled with a powerful network-based architecture, will play a fundamental role in the successful deployment.”

In the first 22 weeks of operation, through the end of August, it has points on the board:

  • Gross cost savings from historical baseline: 23%. The contract requirement is for 19.1% net in year three.
  • Small business participation: 66% of all subcontracted activities (including purchased transportation) versus a contract requirement of 20%.
  • Loss/damage-free shipments: 99.98%. The contract requirement is 98%.
  • System “uptime”: 99%. The contract requirement is 99%.
  • On-time pickup: 93%, trending up, with a 96% on-time pickup reported in August. The contract requirement is 96%.
  • On-time delivery: 94%, trending up, with the contract requirement of 96% achieved in August.