TMS: The Key Enabler

By Bridget McCrea, Logistics Management

In survey after survey, year after year, analysts continue to find the same, somewhat surprising number: Only about one-third of “eligible” companies—those that would benefit from using a transportation management system  (TMS)—are currently using a TMS.

“It would stand to reason that more companies should be adopting TMS to ferret out transportation spend reductions, improve route planning and optimization, and achieve better collaboration across the supply chain.”

“It’s about taking a TMS and further modularizing it in a way that allows companies to use certain aspects of the software without having to do a complete implementation,” says Adrian Gonazalez of ARC.

Gonzalez says vendors like LeanLogistics and One Network Enterprises are already offering up app-style TMS functions, and he expects more providers to follow suit in 2011.

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