SAPICS Annual Conference and Exhibition June 3-5 2012

One Network Enterprises will be at SAPICS at Sun City, South Africa, June 3-5 2012.

The 34th annual SAPICS conference & exhibition will provide supply chain professionals with the opportunity to explore resources relevant to the supply chain profession and benefit from valuable networking opportunities. Together with local and international supply chain experts sharing knowledge and experiences we will continue our journey towards releasing the potential of Africa!

SAPICS Keynote Presentation by David Allen

Making Demand Driven Supply Chain Networks a Reality
David Allen, Industry Supply Chain and Operations Executive, One Network Enterprises, USA

David Allen is an innovative supply chain leader in North American with deep experience gained from top leadership roles at organisations such as Del Monte Foods, The American Pasta Company, Frito-Lay, US Foodservice, and WorldChain. A noted dynamic speaker, Mr Allen will share with the audience how he has transformed legacy ERP-based supply chains into demand driven supply chains. Mr. Allen’s presentation will provide best practices and specific examples of how to become more demand driven and achieve the highest possible service levels at lowest possible costs.

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