One Network Enterprises Introduces Demand Driven Inventory Planning Solution

DALLAS, TX – June 7, 2012 – One Network Enterprises (ONE), the leading provider of demand driven supply chain solutions in the cloud, introduced today Demand Driven Inventory Planning, a new service to further enhance ONE’s Real Time Value Network™ (RTVN™). ONE’s Demand Driven Inventory Planning delivers a complete suite of demand capabilities that maximize customer service levels while minimizing excess inventory. More than 30,000 companies are already connected to the RTVN for demand driven services that synchronize activities from the point of consumption to raw material supplier, providing a single version of the truth across their entire value network.

Current inventory planning tools aggregate historical data over long time periods and are not integrated with replenishment systems—such a broad and disconnected approach means that significant amounts of supply variability remain undetected, and to prevent stock outs it becomes necessary to carry excess inventory.

By contrast, ONE’s Demand Driven Inventory Planning computes optimal safety stock levels at each inventory location across thousands of SKUs in real time, optimizing multi-tier inventory by computing the inventory targets for specific service levels from the foremost consumption location to the material suppliers. It captures multi-party variables such as lead times, manufacturing frequency, batch size, and ordering policies from across the value chain, and using micro-simulations, complex algorithms, exception-based forecasts, and real-time downstream demand signals, suggests and even automatically adjusts inventories to their optimal levels. The result is reduced inventories, improved service levels, reduced stock outs, and improved revenues throughout the value network.

ONE’s Demand Driven Inventory Planning provides adapters that are designed to enhance any existing ERP, execution system, or replenishment system, and eliminates the need for complicated spreadsheet management. It dynamically adapts to changes and improves the forecast accuracy and stocking levels as time goes on. The solution’s proprietary micro-simulation feature allows for multiple “what-if” scenarios to determine the optimal safety-stock needed to meet a specific service level.

“Gaining deeper insights at the customer level and becoming demand-driven through ONE’s RTVN-based Demand Driven Inventory Planning solution enhances an organization’s ability to not only provide the highest service level at the lowest cost, but also to enhance the agility and responsiveness of the whole value chain,” said One Network CEO, Greg Brady.

More than 30,000 companies are already connected to the RTVN for demand driven services that have repeatedly proven to lower inventories and operational costs, improve service, and increase profitability—Imperial Logistics, the US Department of Defense, Del Monte Foods, the US Marine Corps, and many others—are becoming demand driven with One Network’s RTVN.

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