One Network Enterprises Introduces New Business Continuity Solution

DALLAS, TX – June 14, 2012– One Network Enterprises (ONE), the leading provider of demand driven supply chain solutions in the cloud, introduced today its Business Continuity solution, a new service to further enhance ONE’s Real Time Value Network (RTVN™). ONE’s Business Continuity solution allows companies to respond quickly to crisis situations that affect supply and demand, such as natural disasters, political upheavals, supplier failures, or transportation disruptions. More than 30,000 companies are already connected to the RTVN for demand driven services that synchronize activities from the point of consumption to raw material supplier, providing a single version of the truth across their entire value network.

Today’s supply networks extend across multiple enterprises in disparate geographical locations. An isolated event that disrupts a single node in the supply network can paralyze the rest of the supply chain. More than ever before, companies must be nimble in order to manage supply chain risk. For supply chain executives to excel in their disaster response operations, it is critical for them to have forward visibility in real-time and the ability to evaluate and execute the best option.

Business Continuity with End-to-End Visibility and Collaboration in Real-Time

ONE’s RTVN does more than reduce cost; its Business Continuity solution enhances resilience and viability before, during, and after disruptive events by providing collaboration and visibility across the entire value chain in real-time. Delivered in the cloud, it integrates execution systems, disparate technologies, and business rules for collaboration and compliance, resulting in flexible processes and workflows. Organizations can define the disruptive events and affected areas, identify the impact of demand disruptions on inbound supply, react to the events in the short-term, evaluate the supply network risks, and assess alternative mid- and long-term plans.

“ONE’s Business Continuity solution is part of our comprehensive approach to managing supply chain risk,” said Greg Brady, CEO, One Network Enterprises. “Our solution assists in understanding the appropriate alternative sources of supply across a multi-tier supply network. Only a flexible, many-to-many network-based solution can accomplish the coordinated effort necessary to ensure a rapid response with informed decision-making before it’s too late.”

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