One Network Releases Advanced Real Time Appointment Scheduling with Yard Management

DALLAS, TX – October 4, 2012– One Network Enterprises, home of the Real Time Value Network™ (RTVN™) and leading provider of demand-driven supply chain solutions in the cloud, announced today the release of advanced real time appointment scheduling with integrated yard management capabilities.

Traditional appointment scheduling frequently relies on manual processes such as phone calls, faxes, emails, or spreadsheets. Appointments are typically managed across separate organizations, departments and systems. As a result, appointment scheduling is a notoriously error-filled and costly process, with dock doors and other warehouse resources being constantly overbooked or underutilized. Additionally, the identity, location, and contents of pooled equipment on the facility yard for subsequent loading or unloading is often maintained separately and manually, if it’s clearly captured at all.

Dock Door Appointment Scheduling on the Real Time Value Network

Appointment scheduling in the cloud-based Real Time Value Network automates and streamlines the entire appointment scheduling process within organizations and across trading partners. With the Real Time Value Network’s new upgraded appointment scheduling, part of the Intelligent Logistics Management solution, all  inbound and outbound movements can be planned and executed in real time; from road to gate, to yard to door, and back again. This capability can only be found in the Real Time Value Network.

Furthermore,  with the Real Time Value Network’s unique ability to represent all physical and virtual network sites, appointments can now be scheduled and monitored at all origin and destination locations anywhere in the supply chain; for example, retail store locations, project sites, and drop yards. This creates the industry’s only true network level, closed-loop scheduling solution.

Some of the nation’s largest retailers are already connected to the Real Time Value Network and subscribing to its appointment scheduling service, and have documented millions of dollars in annual savings with improved facilities throughput as well as substantial administrative savings for all trading partners, including logistics providers.

The Real Time Value Network’s appointment scheduling is already the industry’s most powerful appointment scheduling solution, allowing its customers to connect to all of their trading partners and carriers and schedule their appointments in real time. The newly upgraded appointment scheduling with integrated yard management further widens the lead.

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