One Network Announces Greg Brady to Speak at SMC3

Greg Brady, Founder, CEO One Network to speak at SMC3 Jump Start ConferenceDALLAS, TX. — December 28, 2012Greg Brady, One Network’s CEO, will speak at the SMC3 2013 Jump Start Conference, being held January 21-23, in Atlanta, Ga. He will join a thought provoking panel discussion entitled “Demand Driven Supply Chain Technology” with Andy Dyer, VP of Government Services at Menlo Logistics and Amit Gupta PhD., Supply Chain Leader at KPMG.

During this session, Mr. Brady will discuss how supply chains are evolving into Demand Driven Networks. Demand Driven Networks are communities of trading partners built around customer demand. They provide, among many things, real time visibility into demand signals, inventory positions, and shipments globally. Having this information enables trading partners in a network to create integrated business plans and provide optimized execution. Integrated business planning treats all value partners and their processes as if they were vertically integrated. Mr. Brady will explain how 3PLs/4PLs can provide more value to their customers by adopting technologies that offer Demand Driven Operations.

SMC³ has released the final agenda for the Jump Start 2013 conference (January 21-23, 2013 in Atlanta, Ga.). “Jump Start includes 20+ hours of networking, 30+ supply chain presenters and thought-provoking sessions with the nation’s top thought leaders,” said SMC³ Executive Vice President Danny Slaton. “Our goal is to provide attendees with accessible, in-depth knowledge and multiple networking and alliance-building opportunities, to prepare for tomorrow’s business-impacting legislative, economic and technological changes.”

SMC³ has secured New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink as keynote presenter. Additional conference content will include a general session “ecommerce: Changing the Supply Chain Game” and a breakout session on supply chain problem-solving and protecting intellectual property, featuring Andras Szakal, vice president and chief technology officer, IBM, US. Federal and Edna Conway, chief security strategist, value chain, Cisco Systems.

Conference details and online registration:

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One Network Enterprises Inc, provides the world’s first and only enterprise networking platform that exploits the latest principles that are revolutionizing consumer technology – mobile apps, social networking, cloud-based computing. This unique and revolutionary platform, known as the Real Time Value Network, is used today by a pre-existing community of 30,000 trading partners to drive dramatic improvements in demand, supply and logistics management effectiveness and efficiency. All of the stakeholders in any trading partner community have access via this platform to timely and accurate information, and a “single version of the truth,” regarding changes in demand and supply conditions. This enables trading partners to plan, execute, monitor, synchronize and optimize in real time all of the business processes and events that take place throughout their extended supply chains.

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