One Network Announces New Mobile App for the iOS Platform

Mobile app for carriers - track and trace app for iOS from One Network EnterprisesDALLAS, TX, April 15, 2013–One Network Enterprises, the leading provider of consumer-driven supply chain solutions in the cloud, announced today a new mobile app available on the iOS platform that enables carriers and drivers to monitor all shipments managed by One Network’s cloud-based Real Time Value Network™. The iOS mobile app comes just weeks after the release of an Android version, meaning that nearly all smart phone users now have access to a powerful, easy-to-navigate mobile app that delivers real time track-and-trace functionality.

Like the Android version, the iOS app enables users to monitor essential data with each movement, change the status of a shipment, and perform global searches across all shipments. Furthermore, using the phone’s GPS, the app can track the driver’s progress and update the location of the shipment automatically for the shipper, receiver, and carrier, and 3PL.

“Today’s smart phones are powerful computing devices that leverage the cloud for a wide variety of uses, and people are increasingly relying on their phones to manage their personal and business lives”, said Richard Dean, Chief Marketing Officer at One Network Enterprises. “One Network offers the only fully cloud-based end-to-end supply chain management solution and fully embracing this mobile revolution with apps for the Android and iOS platforms is an important part of our global strategy.”

About One Network

One Network’s Real Time Value Network is the world’s only many-to-many supply chain platform in the cloud, and the world’s first and only real time decision-making suite. It enables an unlimited number of trading partners to plan, execute, monitor, synchronize, and optimize in real time all of the business processes and events that take place throughout their extended supply chains, from customers to raw material suppliers. A variety of industries are connected to the Real Time Value Network, including leading companies in high tech, retail, consumer products, the public sector, automotive, energy, and logistics. Headquartered in Dallas, One Network also has offices in Europe and India. For more information, please visit