One Network Expands Leadership Position with Dock Door Scheduling Service

Growing dock door scheduling subscriber base now includes many of the world’s largest companies. Service powered by One Network’s cloud platform.

Photo of Dock Doors for Dock Door Scheduling SolutionDallas, Texas October 09, 2013 — One Network Enterprises, a leading provider of multi-enterprise Platform as a Service and consumer-driven supply chain solutions, today announced that it has expanded its leadership position in the marketplace with its cloud-based dock door appointment scheduling service. Many of the world’s top companies and 1000’s of their carriers and suppliers are using One Network’s cloud platform, the Real Time Value Network™, to schedule millions of annual appointments.

What makes dock scheduling with One Network so appealing to our clients is that it automates appointment scheduling processes while seamlessly integrating their dock doors with their wider supply chain.”

Bruce Jacquemard, EVP Sales and Marketing, One Network

Traditional dock-door appointment scheduling frequently relies on manual processes such as phone calls, faxes, emails, or spreadsheets. Appointments are typically managed across separate organizations, departments and systems. As a result, appointment scheduling is a notoriously error-filled and costly process, with dock doors and other warehouse resources being constantly overbooked or underutilized. Additionally, the identity, location, and contents of pooled equipment on the facility yard for subsequent loading or unloading is often maintained separately and manually, if it’s clearly captured at all.

“What makes dock scheduling with One Network so appealing to our clients is that it automates appointment scheduling processes while seamlessly integrating their dock doors with their wider supply chain,” said Bruce Jacquemard, EVP, Sales and Marketing at One Network. “This not only enables their schedules to be automatically optimized based on variables such as current and future capacity constraints and how critical the demand for the shipment is, it also gives them complete visibility of inbound supply and outbound product movements in real time.”

The current generation of dock scheduling systems are typically standalone applications that do not integrate well with other execution systems such as warehouse management systems (WMSs) and yard management systems (YMSs), or communicate with transportation management systems (TMSs), meaning future capacity challenges are unknown to the user. In addition, even the most sophisticated systems still offer a rigid logic structure that gives little flexibility for users to define conditions around which the system creates schedules.

By contrast, One Network’s service is designed to integrate with a client’s buying and distribution workflows to prevent capacity challenges before they become problems. Because it is built on the underlying Real Time Value Network cloud platform, clients can seamlessly integrate their appointment scheduling process with their own existing technology systems or any one of One Network’s other services, including transportation management, inbound supply management, yard management, and demand management. Finally, One Network’s flexible dock-scheduling service enables clients to use advanced logic to create their own business rules for how appointments are scheduled, and allows trading partners such as carriers, suppliers, and logistics providers schedule their own appointments using the web.

“There are a surprising number of benefits to this approach, including dramatically lower operational costs and improved throughput,” said Jacquemard. “Our clients have documented millions of dollars in annual savings.”

About One Network Enterprises

One Network’s Real Time Value Network is the world’s only many-to-many supply chain platform in the cloud, and the world’s first and only real time, automated decision-making solutions suite. It enables an unlimited number of trading partners to plan, execute, monitor, synchronize, and optimize in real time all of the business processes and events that take place throughout their extended supply chains, from customers to raw material suppliers. Enterprises from a variety of industries are connected to the Real Time Value Network, including leading companies in high tech, retail, consumer products, the public sector, automotive, energy, and logistics. Headquartered in Dallas, One Network also has offices in Europe and India. For more information, please visit