Gartner Lists One Network Enterprises in Supply Chain Visibility Report

As the necessity for end-to-end supply chain visibility gains momentum, One Network expands leadership position and client base of subscribers

DALLAS, December, 18 2013—Gartner, Inc, the leading provider of research and analysis on the global information technology industry, has listed One Network in a recent research report titled Use Cases for Supply Chain Visibility according to One Network Enterprises, provider of multi-enterprise Platform-as-a-Services (PaaS) and consumer-driven supply chain services in the cloud. One Network’s announcement comes soon after the news that GoPro, the top maker of action video cameras, has chosen One Network’s cloud platform, the Real Time Value Network, to provide global visibility across all of its supply chain (learn more about the GoPro and One Network project here).

According to Gartner, “End-to-end (E2E) supply chain visibility (SCV) is gaining interest in today’s global supply chains, because there is an increasing need for network collaboration to reduce business and partner risk, while maintaining efficiency and improving performance…. The potential for subsequent business improvement—integrating multiple parties and allowing them to view and share transactions, content, and status information—is enormous.” (Gartner, Inc. “Use Cases for Supply Chain Visibility”, by Christian Titze, Ray Barger Jr, 31 October 2013)

One Network’s cloud platform, the Real Time Value Network, is designed to maximize a company’s ability to see and respond to supply chain problems anywhere, anytime, no matter where they are located. One Network’s unique automatic decision-making technology enables companies to manage demand, supply, and logistics processes as a community of trading partners focused on satisfying the end-customer.

“The timing of Gartner’s report on supply chain visibility we feel further demonstrates why leading companies around the globe, including GoPro and other soon to be announced clients, are increasingly choosing One Network’s cloud platform”, Bruce Jacquemard, One Network’s EVP of Sales and Marketing.

In addition to enabling supply chain visibility, One Network clients use the Real Time Value Network to synchronize their planning and execution functions across their entire value chain while providing a “single version of the truth” to all their trading partners. One Network’s technology captures granular consumer demand data for a product across all channels, and then propagates these demand signals in real time to a company’s DCs, plants, and suppliers. Furthermore, its Integrated Business Planning solution seamlessly integrates consumer demand with operational, financial, strategic, and tactical plans, enabling executives to reduce supply and demand variability, provide for business continuity, and make highly accurate financial projections. All services are delivered via a single system accessible anywhere in the world via an internet browser.

Jacquemard added, “By erasing the traditional divide between planning and execution systems, One Network’s innovative technology combines end-to-end supply chain visibility with the ability to react to problems automatically. It’s a simple approach that continues to yield impressive results for our clients.”

About One Network Enterprises

One Network’s Real Time Value Network is the world’s only many-to-many supply chain platform in the cloud, and the world’s first and only real time, automated decision-making solutions suite. It enables an unlimited number of trading partners to plan, execute, monitor, synchronize, and optimize in real time all of the business processes and events that take place throughout their extended supply chains, from customers to raw material suppliers.

Enterprises from a variety of industries are connected to the Real Time Value Network, including leading companies in high tech, retail, consumer products, the public sector, automotive, energy, and logistics. Headquartered in Dallas, One Network also has offices in Europe, India, and China. For more information, please visit