KPMG Workshop: Demand Driven Supply Chains – Leveraging Real Time Value Networks

Consumer Markets Best Practice Workshop

We are pleased to invite you to the first of KPMG’s Consumer Markets Best Practice Workshops for 2014. This workshop aims to help consumer markets organizations keep up-to-date with the latest insights on key industry issues.

Greg Brady

Bruce Jacquemard

Peter Griffiths

Date: Wednesday, 5 February 2014
Location: KPMG level 5, Rm 8 Boardroom, 147 Collins Street, Melbourne
Time: 8:15am – 10:15am
RSVP: Email Sarah Alligan or call 03 9288 6185

Please join us for breakfast as our expert panelists discuss strategies on how your demand driven supply chain can be improved by leveraging real time value networks.

The workshop presentations include:

Leveraging Real Time Value Networks

Greg Brady, CEO and Bruce Jacquemard, Executive Staff, One Network Enterprises

Sales lost to competitors due to out of stocks total $93 billion USD per year according to a store systems study from Retail Information Systems News (RIS).

With both Retail and Consumer Good firms, customer satisfaction translates to customers being able to find the desired product on the shelf when they want it and at the right price. Sounds simple right? But Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods leaders know all too well the dynamics of today’s consumer and supplier environments in which conditions change often, sometime on a daily or even hourly basis meeting demand can be a challenge.

Today’s supply-chain requires continuous collaboration and execution adjustments across the entire demand-to-supply network in “real-time.” Product lifecycles are becoming shorter, your network of trading partners is in constant flux and yesterday’s best practices are now obsolete, not to mention your crafty competitors.

Greg and Bruce have a combined 55 years experience working with some of the most complex omni-channel supply chains in the world from fast-moving consumer products to defense agency weapon manufacturing. Together they will share an outlook of how the supply chain is dramatically and rapidly tilting towards the consumer’s demand and how Australia’s retailers can adapt and profit.

What are the opportunities to leverage and Improve Supply Chains of Fast Moving consumer Goods Companies in Australia?

Peter Griffith Partner KPMG

International competitive pressures, historically unfavorable exchange rates, rising supply chain costs, new methods of purchasing and distribution and meeting ever more demanding regulatory requirements are all affecting the FMCG sector in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Peter will discuss the opportunities to leverage and improve supply chains including consideration of network design options, employment of more extensive collaboration, impact of product range optimization and methods to achieve supply chain flexibility.

Peter is a Partner within KPMG’s Management Consulting Group and Leader of the Supply Chain practice in Australia. He has extensive experience in both the commercial and government logistics operations acquired over the past 20 years. He has led a number of major supply chain transformation projects in the corporate and defense sectors in Australia and the US.


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