Rwandan Ministry of Health Goes Live with First End-to-End Supply Chain Solution for Distribution and Management of Antiretroviral HIV/AIDs Medications and other Healthcare Products

One Network Enterprises’ cloud platform provides end-to-end management and fulfillment services to enable the delivery of humanitarian supplies throughout Rwanda

Dallas TX, March 25, 2014 — One Network Enterprises, the leading provider of multi-enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and consumer-driven supply chain solutions, along with Resolve, the South African-based supply chain specialists within the Imperial Group, today announced the successful go-live of their project with the Rwandan Ministry of Health (MOH). The project will markedly improve the provisioning and distribution of critical drugs, vaccines, and consumables (including HIV/AIDS medicines) to more than 800 villages and towns across the country.

Child receiving medicine in Rwanda. The project leverages One Network’s cloud platform, the Real Time Value Network™, – with Resolve acting as the regional partner – to provide the MOH with an end-to-end fulfillment backbone that manages all aspects of the distribution process of essential medical supplies. The solution enables a chain-of-custody service to the MOH to track in real time the custody, management, and distribution of medical supplies as they flow from distribution centers, hospitals, and clinics, all the way to the individual patient. By allowing Rwandan pharmacies and health facilities to avoid stock shortages and counterfeit HIV/AIDS drugs and other essential medicines, the system ensures that the ongoing needs of patients with chronic conditions are being met.

The key breakthrough from this project is that we have delivered to the Rwandan MOH the first secure, chain-of-custody drug supply service for a country-wide network.”

Greg Brady, CEO of One Network

The project is a shining example of the MOH’s integrated and community-driven development process in action. The new system now effectively enables the Ministry of Health to focus on the most important part of its supply chain – the patient.

“This important collaboration with One Network provides credibility to our focus on leveraging critical information to improve supply chain performance,” explains Johann van der Westhuizen, Resolve’s Chief Solutions Officer. “It’s a showcase for the ability of consumer-driven value networks to serve all patients safely in developing markets throughout Africa.”

“The key breakthrough from this project is that we have delivered to the Rwandan MOH the first secure, chain-of-custody drug supply service for a country-wide network,” adds Greg Brady, CEO of One Network. “By implementing a network backbone for country-wide fulfillment of essential healthcare supplies, countries can combat counterfeiting and increase visibility and security throughout the global pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution process.”

One Network’s Real Time Value Network™ maximizes the ability to see and respond to supply chain problems anywhere, anytime, no matter the location. One Network’s unique automatic decision-making technology combines planning and execution capabilities to enable companies, NGOs, and government entities to manage demand, supply and logistics processes as a community of trading partners focused on satisfying the end-customer or patient. All services are delivered via a single system accessible anywhere in the world via an internet browser.

One Network Powers the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in Rwanda

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