Webinar: The Demand-Driven Logistics Provider

Logistics Supply Chain Case StudyIn this encore presentation Chuck Chase and Gene Trousil of One Network will be joined by Johann van der Westhuizen of Resolve, a subsidiary of Imperial Logistics one of the world’s largest logistics providers, and a supply chain consulting and process outsourcing leader.

Johann will discuss in depth, how they have quickly developed powerful and customized solutions for their customers, simplified their technology landscape, and delivered rapid and dramatic results for themselves and their customers.

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You will learn how Resolve achieved:

  • 360 degree view into all levels of logistics and supply chain activities on a single platform
  • Nimble and responsive supply chains for their customers
  • Global end-to-end tracking and visibility throughout the entire transaction lifecycle
  • Structured and unstructured capabilities between network partners
  • Improved service levels through reductions in stock outs and late deliveries
  • Reduced total IT costs through SaaS model and geographic hosting partner agreement

Diverse case studies will be explored:

  • End-to-End Integrated Logistics Solution that provides complete shipment life cycle traceability, even across different shipping organizations, and how this dramatically improved vehicle utilization, reduced labor costs, and more
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Network, including a discussion of Rwanda’s countrywide chain-of- end-to-end, chain-of-custody fulfillment network for medical supplies
  • Parcel Management Solution for a nationwide post office which led to superior service with lower operating costs, increased customer acquisition and retention, and more
  • Cash Management Solution for a national reserve bank that provided effective cash management with optimized inventory levels and reduced logistics costs

Who’s it for?

  • Logistics companies and 3PLs who want to simplify and improve their technology and their service offering
  • Logistics and supply chain professionals
  • Professionals in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries concerned about improving in-stocks, reducing waste, and protecting against counterfeit drugs
  • Anyone interested in optimizing logistics and supply chain operations
  • Anyone curious about the current state of advanced supply chain technology, and what is now possible

Watch Now and learn how Resolve achieved industry-leading results, improved decision-making processes, proactively reacts to events across its supply chain, and gained insights into its data with smart analytics.