One Network Enterprises Announces Release of New Social Apps

One Network’s Social Apps enable enterprises to collaborate in a variety of ways both within their company as well as across their partners, customers, and vendors.

Social Apps for Enterprises CollaborationDallas TX, July 29, 2015 —  One Network Enterprises, the cloud platform and leading provider of demand-driven supply chain applications and PaaS solutions, has announced the release of its new Social Apps, enabling for the first time unstructured communication and collaboration across a multi-party network of trading partners in a secure environment.

Today’s employees have embraced today’s social media tools to stay connected in their personal lives. With One Network’s Social Apps, they can now do the same at work. The new Social Apps are embedded directly into all One Network workflows and transactions, and are also being made available to its community of developers for use in third-party applications built on One Network’s cloud platform.

Unlike consumer social networks, which are centered around individuals, One Networks’ Social Apps are centered around organizations and their employees. And unlike other enterprise social applications, which are focused on communications within an organization, One Network’s Social Apps support communications and their related transactions within the organization and across multiple trading partners. The first two announced apps are Chat Rooms and BlipperTM.

Already a rapidly growing community of more than 100 thousand companies and users are using One Network’s cloud platform to optimize their supply chains with One Network’s existing applications, build their own multi-party applications that solve problems outside of supply chain, or simply do business with other companies on the network. Social Apps will enable the entire One Network community to more easily connect, collaborate, and transact with each other. For example, organizations will be able to audit the communication and collaboration history tied to a particular transaction, and also receive automatic “BlipsTM” that notify an employee or organization of activities related to particular transactions or subjects that are important to them.

“One Network’s mission has always been to solve multi-enterprise problems, and what could be a more universal multi-enterprise problem than communication?” said Ranjit Notani, One Network’s Co-founder and CTO. “By combining transactions and their related unstructured communications, our Social Apps eliminate much of the need for phone calls, emails, and the needless back and forth required to do business today. The result is faster, better decision-making.”

Interested individuals or companies can sign up and start using the Social Apps here.