The Digital Supply Chain

What is the digital supply chain? And why is it so important for companies today to adopt a digital strategy?

There’s an interesting report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Three Paths to Advantage with Digital Supply Chain, that illustrates the urgent need for companies today to transition to a digital supply chain. The report brings good news… and a dire warning.

The Digital Supply Chain - complete end-to-end visibility and collaboration.

BCG recognizes that the digital supply chain is not new, and it has been productive, but notes that it has failed to deliver on its full potential. BCG pins the blame on its “inability to connect disparate systems, provide end-to-end visibility into the supply chain, and crunch massive amounts of data.” (Three Paths to Advantage with Digital Supply Chain, p1)

Thanks to recent developments in technology, that is changing. And most importantly, the companies that are adopting the technology are seeing some impressive results (see below). But first, lets get some clarity on the term “digital supply chain”…

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