The World Retail Study Tour 2016

Steve Estrada, One Network Enterprises, at World Retail Study 2016

Steve Estrada, One Network Enterprises, explains One Network’s unique, real-time network approach to addressing the complexities of today’s global supply chains.

Inspiration drives motivation and motivation drives change; the Westfield World Retail Study Tour is designed to inspire. This intensive study tour features some of the best retailers and innovative technology providers from around the world. They bring the latest trends in retailing to life and motivate organizations to drive the changes to improve their retail business. The tour is designed by retailers for retailers.

Steve Estrada, One Network Enterprises, explains the advantages of a multiparty network.

Steve Estrada explains the advantages of a multi-party network, enabled with real-time visibility and collaboration.

Why A Multi-Party Network?

One Network had the honor to speak at their Dallas stop. Steve Estrada, One Network’s General Manager, Consumer Goods and Retail Industry, explained how real-time information across a network, reduces lead time and provides higher service levels.

Steve Estrada summed up the advantages of a multi-party network:

“Using real-time information across suppliers and carriers collapses lead-times, creates a single version of the truth for all parties, and leads to better service levels. Buyer time spent expediting is greatly reduced through both improved on-time results and our collaborative structured resolution workbenches. Finally, the single version of the truth across all parties in the retail value chain simplifies collaboration, eliminates “data disputes,” and leads to more productive partnerships.”


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