Supply Chain Solutions for Restaurants and Retailers

18.0 for Retail, Restaurant and Food Service

Release 18.0 brings some major improvements and benefits to our customers in the Retail, Restaurant and Food Service industries

RTVN 18.0 Highlights for Retail, Restaurant and Food Service

One Network’s Real Time Value Network provides an end-to-end solution for retail chains such as casual dining restaurants, QSR, and groceries. It continuously senses and learns POS demand, adjusts store forecasts, translates to needed replenishment of purchase items such as ingredients and accessories, and then orchestrates replenishment – even in constrained supply situations to maximize customer service, maintain store in-stock and minimize purchase and logistics costs.

Digital Transformation for Restaurants

The solution offers specialized workflows spanning store ordering, replenishment, transportation, allocation and integrated business planning. It provides a continuous projection of directional profit and loss financials building up from up-to-date execution status and plans.

With the new 18.0 release, the RTVN offers more.

18.0 Enhancements and Capabilities for Retail, Restaurant and Food Service

Suggested Store Ordering

RTVN intelligent agents create suggested store orders based on actual menu item sales and forecasted demand netted for store inventory and inbound supply. The store orders can be aligned to fixed delivery schedules or dynamically routed based on preference. Suggested orders are computed in conjunction with Continuous Forecast Management (CFM) to simplify store replenishment. These agents can be configured to run autonomously in touchless mode or requiring manual approval in review mode.

Supply Allocation

Supply Allocation can now be done by Channel and then by Order within each Channel.

Near Real-Time Store Perpetual Inventory

RTVN loads hourly Point of Sale (POS) information such as restaurant checks, and translates to raw material consumption, with cycle counting, to maintain perpetual inventory.

Limited Time Offer (LTO) Forecasting

RTVN supports multiple “life cycles” across time for recurring promotions and LTOs. The forecast can also account for waste factors common in food production.

Waste Factor

The Waste Factor accounts for typical waste factors in food production.

Automatic Processing of Cannibalization Effects

This capability is for forecasting, primarily around LTOs and new item introductions. It makes modeling of cannibalization effects between items easier.

Raw Material Constrained Supply Planning and Propagation

RTVN agents can look deep across a multi-tier, multi-enterprise network to identify supply constraints and coordinate material flow to maximize service while minimizing inventory.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Workflow for Food Service Industry

This integrated business planning workflow is tailored for Food Service and Restaurant industry. It accounts for specialized requirements such as forecasting at menu items and replenishing at SKU raw material items, multi-level commodity planning, and accounting for food waste.