Why ONE Platform?



Build, Extend and Sell SaaS Applications for Businesses Working Together to Serve the Consumer

Business has always between two or more parties. So why use enterprise applications that must be cobbled together as an afterthought? One Network’s aPaaS is designed for multi-party network ecosystems from the ground up. ONE Platform development tools enable rapid development of innovative, supportable, multiparty SaaS applications for business networks. Shorten your software development lifecycle using our aPaaS. Amplify the value of your services and applications by deploying on a large fast growing business network.

Develop High Value Solutions Fast

Innovate with Intelligent, Multiparty Solutions

Develop modules on top of the ONE base platform services, advanced core modules, comprehensive business transactions, multiparty workflows, autonomous agents, smart solvers, statistical algorithms, and array of heuristics based algorithms to create advanced applications. Advanced solvers, multiparty aware services and algorithms allow you to quickly tailor intelligent applications to optimize complex business processes. You can also extend our SaaS applications to tailor solutions. No other cloud platform provides this type of SaaS application extensibility to 3rd party developers and ISVs.


Deliver Solutions Faster

Achieve increasingly higher productivity (2X to 10X) as you build higher up on the stack. Leverage the shared objects, multi-company workflow templates and transaction backbone to shorten development times. Innovative multi party development tools and on-demand permission controlled many-to-many connectivity simplifies the solution architecture and drastically accelerates application development.

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Adapt to Your Needs

Whether you need to build an app of your own, need to make a small modification to an existing module, or get deeper and build your own core services and modules directly on the platform, ONE Platform provides open APIs and can be extended easily at any level.

Save with Custom and Supported Solutions

With traditional technologies you must choose between rigid commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) enterprise applications or building custom systems on bare bones cloud services, often with proprietary languages, from scratch. With COTS applications, one size fits none and you must make expensive modifications that are even more expensive to maintain and extend. COTS is costly. ONE Platform technology enables you to build tailored yet supported solutions. You get rich services, solvers, optimizers, transactions, rich data models, multi party permissions to enable you to solve complex problems. You enjoy the specific advantage of custom solutions with the cost economies of COTS – a true best of both worlds.


What are Modules? Modules are the deployable development artifacts that enable functionality for the user and underlying Network Services. Modules are most relevant to developers and companies who want to customize or extend existing functionality, or build their own modules from scratch.


The One Network Platform enables rapid development and deployment of innovative, supportable, SaaS applications for multi-party business networks.



ONE’s Supply Chain Core module provides a foundation for multi-party supply chain networks. It includes a large library of data models & business processes shared across multiple supply chain functions and applicable to multiple industries.


ONE’s Demand Planner module provides traditional demand forecasting algorithms, along with additional innovations such as Continuous Forecasting.