Optimizing the Healthcare Supply Chain with a Demand Driven Digital Network

Optimizing Supply Chains for Hospitals and Suppliers in Med Devices, Supplies, Pharma, Food Service and Furnishings

Take control of your supply chain. Now it’s strategic!

In this video you will hear from One Network’s CEO Greg Brady and Vizient’s Steve Downey about a fast supply chain transformation program for Healthcare Industry Suppliers. It is designed to strengthen the supply chain bonds between hospital networks and every supplier.

Greg explains the ONE Global Health Network for hospitals, suppliers, distributors, logistics providers, and other healthcare supply chain partners. You will learn how you can apply digital technology in a structured way to optimize your internal supply chain, improve service levels, ensure inbound supply, lower costs and enhance your resiliency.

Find out how to quickly apply technologies like machine learning and intelligent agents to match supply to demand, identify and proactively prevent and resolve problems, and automate supply chain processes for better accuracy, resilience, and improved efficiency.

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