Optimize Your P&L with a Demand Driven Supply Network


Learn how to improve resilience and maximize service levels across your omnichannel business. And do it in a way that lowers COGS, strengthens your Balance Sheet, and improves your Income Statement. In this on-demand webinar, One Network’s Shirell James explains exactly how improved supply chain performance helps each area.

After watching the webinar, you'll understand:

  • How to orchestrate demand fulfillment across retail stores, distributors, and every ecommerce channel for highest service levels at lowest landed cost
  • Why you need to propagate demand to upstream tiers, from finished goods all the way back to the n-level vendor tier in near real-time
  • Best practices to mitigate risk, and optimize your response to actual and predicted disruptions with advanced analytics
  • How all parties can ensure the right product, at the right location, in the right quantity, on the right date – even at the right time of day to maximize your P&L performance

It’s all about turning supply-demand management into a massive boost in financial performance for your company!

Shirell James | SVPEMEA at One Network Enterprises

Shirell James

Shirell is Vice President for EMEA at One Network Enterprises. She is a cross-functional leader with expertise in helping companies leverage new technologies to transform their supply chains and logistics. Shirell specializes in managing cross-functional teams to ensure a successful implementations and sustained value from technology solutions.

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