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Many-to-Many Network

What is a “Many-to-Many Network”?

At the core of One Network’s platform, and embedded in every solution, is something we call “many-to-many” network architecture. What exactly is “many-to-many” network architecture?

In a many-to-many network, an organization or individual connects just once to the network and has the ability to transact, coordinate, and communicate with any other organization already on the network. The question then becomes whether any two given parties want to transact, and if so, what information they decide to share and what integrated workflows they want to share. This is very similar to what is happening within the popular social networks of today, where there are hundreds of millions of potential “connections”, but first both parties need to agree to connect and decide what information they want to share.

One Network is the only company with a full suite of planning, execution, and analytics systems that have been built on a many-to-many network.

Many-to-Many Network at a Glance

  • Connect only once to connect to all parties and companies already on the network
  • The only supply chain optimization solution that has been architected as a many-to-many network
  • Easily decide what information you want to share and with whom
  • Unique approach nearly eliminates stockouts, reduces inventories, allows for incredible responsiveness

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