What is a Multiparty Network?

A multiparty network platform unites all functions and trading partners on a single, real-time platform, so they can do business with anyone else on the network. It is designed from the ground up to be multiparty. It has a multiparty data model and a patented permissions framework to support multiparty applications and workflows.

It provides a real-time “single version of the truth” for all parties, is modular and adaptable, and comes with developer tools so modules can be quickly tailored to your needs, extended with new functionality, or built from scratch.

Why a Multiparty Network?

A true multiparty network provides the advantages of both a “Single Version of the Truth”, and the capabilities of an “integration hub”. One Network’s multiparty network, The Real Time Value Network™ (RTVN), is a cloud-based platform that provides:

Single Version of the Truth that avoids costly inconsistencies in data within and across enterprises, and avoids latencies and complexity in the transfer of data across systems.

Heavy Code and Capability Reuse means higher productivity, faster delivery of applications, improved maintenance and support. A core industry module supports common capabilities across the enterprise that existing, new or legacy applications can use.

Low Code Development Tools enable business analysts to model business processes, eliminating the costly blueprinting process required by ERP solutions. The low code SDK and open source tools for developers, open/public APIs on all layers including application modules, and a wide selection of user tools provide a complete range of tools to adapt modules and functionality, or build new modules. All application modules are “Fit-To-Purpose Commercial-Off-the-Shelf”, and are easily adaptable to any business process.

The “Network Effect” means advantages to new participants grow exponentially as new business partners join the network. New companies are immediately connected to other companies (through a rich permissions model), and new systems, services and service providers. All companies on the network enjoy the advantages of all previous implementations, leveraging solutions and modules developed for or by other companies. This significantly reduces the total cost of ownership, shortens the time to
production, further reduces costs by quickly eliminating legacy applications (and their maintenance costs), while providing rapid digitalization and enhancements that take advantage of the latest technology, such as AI, Blockchain and IoT.

Powerful Modules and a Module Store provide you with a rich set of powerful modules, addressing many needs of users “out of the box” with minimal to no configuration. You have the ability to “promote” modules into secure store for moving shared functionality into the Industry Core for sharing across the platform.

Blockchain “Out of the Box” gives you the ability to leverage distributed ledgers, even as standards and technology are evolving. This ability to leverage the latest technology is a critical component of a multiparty platform. All solutions on the platform are blockchain-enabled, and with the low code development tools, you can deploy new blockchain applications quickly. In the rapidly evolving technology of blockchain, One Network’s technology-agnostic blockchain solution lets you can choose the distributed ledger that is right for you. You are not locked in to any particular technology that may or may not be around next year.

No “Out of Cycle” Sustainment Costs because user fees provide total “supported capabilities” with system enhancements available to users, and backwards compatibility across all deployed modules and applications, so there are no additional sustainment costs for software upgrades. As new modules are created using the SDK and open APIs, these new capabilities can be promoted into the Industry Core, or be supported as a commercial-off-the-shelf module.

“Embrace, Enhance, then Maybe Replace” you have choices and complete flexibility. The platform is specifically designed to “plug in” to legacy systems, and then gradually absorb their functionality over time for eventual replacement. A seamless transition from “legacy to latest” is achieved with ONE’s unique “Tunable System of Control.” The Tunable System of Control enables you to delegate a business process (or step in a process) to a particular system of record.

Neo: Intelligent Agent Technology enables smart, autonomous business processes. The platform includes Neo, One Network’s intelligent and autonomous agent technology. Neo is like Alexa and Siri, but for your business operations. He works in the background, gathering information from across your trading partner network, analyzing and optimizing your
business. He syncs supply to demand, adjusts inventory levels, recalculates orders based on the latest demand signals, and much more, to keep your business running smoothly. When he encounters an issue he cannot fix, he alerts you.

An Agile and Extensible Platform for Today and the Future

The Real Time Value Network provides a platform for future innovation and business growth, by digitizing your business and enabling new technologies now, such as artificial intelligence, IoT and blockchain, while constantly upgrading and incorporating new technologies as they emerge. The Developer Network provides you the tools to remain agile, and extend and adapt the platform to your needs as the market changes and as you grow.

If your business depends on complex relationships with hundreds or thousands of suppliers or trading partners; if it is multi-tier and global; then the Real Time Value Network is built for you. Leading organizations from around the world and across every industry are using it today to digitize, connect and collaborate with their trading partners.