What Makes One Network Different? Everything.

A Disruptive Technology and Business Model

One Network Enterprises (ONE) offers a disruptive supply chain technology and business model that are unique to the market. One Network’s real-time multi-party platform is the only technology that enables true, many-to-many multi-party transactions and workflows spanning all trading partners. The platform is powered by NEO, One Network’s patented machine learning and intelligent agent technology that enables the autonomous supply chain. NEO runs across the network in the background, continually scanning for potential issues and optimizing your supply chain.

The solution is delivered in a unique way that goes beyond what Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and traditional software providers can provide.

It starts with a PaaS framework supported by a common data model, built for specific industries and enabled by a true many-to-many network. By design, our architecture takes a different approach to traditional technology companies and therefore has a profound effect on both One Network’s technology and services.

The unique multi-party network platform enables ONE to not only adapt to your unique business problems but to that of your specific industry that you reside in. Our unique business model allows One Network to price, deploy, and support solutions and your actual use of the system, in an entirely different way to what has previously been possible.

A revolutionary approach that gives you a better solution in half the time
at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Combine the unique technology and services and you get what we call a supported capability. Supported capability means that your customized modules are fully supported on the platform and in future platform releases. It is this revolutionary approach that gives you a better solution in an average of half the time at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

To better understand what a supported capability is, consider a traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product. The standard ERP approach today is that the vendor only supports the product but not the implementation of that product.

With ERP you must pay separately for the license, maintenance, consulting, development, and so on.

For the typical global organization, this will cost tens-of-millions of dollars at a minimum. Future ERP projects become increasingly costly as the technology you use becomes obsolete, and your organization becomes more locked in.

In contrast, One Network supports the extensibility, the integration, and the way in which you need to support your required capability, and does it all for one monthly fee.

We are not a software vendor; we are your business partner, which means we don’t succeed unless you do. It’s a fundamentally different approach to doing business that is truly customer-focused, and is not available anywhere else.

A Community of Business Partners Working Together Serving the Customer

ERP solutions, designed 30 years ago, were essentially “built to be blind”, and this is largely still the case today. Deployed behind the four walls of your organization, they do a poor job of communicating with your other systems and those of your business partners. The ERP enterprise-focused approach doesn’t reflect how business is done in today’s globalized, hyper-connected, volatile marketplace.

By contrast, One Network’s cloud platform enables an unlimited number of business partners to work together to satisfy the needs of their end customer – whether that be an individual consumer, medical patient, service personnel, or buying organization. It’s a consumer-centric approach that means that you need only connect once to our platform to do business with any other organizations in the network. It’s simple, quick, economical.

With One Network, you can exploit the network effect to reduce your implementation time and minimize your partner on-boarding effort, resulting in a faster time-to-value.

Today, leaders across many diverse industries are using the ONE platform with their business partners to effectively serve their end customer. These leading companies span industries such as CPG, Retail, Grocery, Healthcare, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Defense and Logistics.

How can One Network Support So many industries?

One Network offers industry core modules in the platform that support the unique processes, data formats, and transaction sets found in a particular industry, and model all industry participants. On top of these cores community members have used the modules and services, ones made available through the One Network ecosystem, or built their own using ONE’s open Software Developers Kit (SDK).

Stop Changing Your Processes to Accommodate Technology
Whether you use or extend one of the modules, build your own, or work with a third party to build or extend, with One Network you’ll always be getting backward compatibility at every layer supported by a common master-data framework.

With the cloud-based universal adapter, you can fully integrate with your legacy or ERP systems (or any other cloud- based software you use) while still deploying your module more rapidly at a fraction of the cost of other options and in half the time.

One Network’s common Master Data Management framework will enable you to contextualize and actively leverage an analytics framework that fully utilizes all your IT systems to drive business value.

In addition to providing the baseline for efficient planning and execution, One Network’s shared master data management framework provides a network-wide view of business performance analyzed through the master entities of an organization. The result is a multi-party, multi-echelon, cross- functional, and process-oriented window into information about your customers, products, suppliers, locations, etc.

The net result of ONE’s cloud integration and master data management framework is unmatched flexibility in the enterprise software market. You can maximize existing business processes and systems that are working and don’t need to be replaced, while moving forward with your digital transformation strategy. No longer do you need to change your processes and systems to accommodate the technology.

Case Study: Top US Automotive OEM

One Network, along with a trusted partner, has successfully deployed an innovative aftermarket parts distribution solution in less than six months for a large Automotive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The implementation included over 4,600 global suppliers, 20,000 shipping locations, 4,500 dealer network locations, over 1,000 retail customer store locations. From a supply perspective, the network includes a combination of 30 parts distribution centers, processing centers and managed cross-dock locations.

Enterprise Software at a Crossroads – Extend Your ERP with an Extensible Architecture

One Network is purpose built; ONE is not a standard commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) vendor. COTS products are monolithic, slow to deploy, and disconnected from the rest of your legacy systems. With COTS, it typically takes two years to finish even a simple project. That is why the market increasingly perceives COTS as tired and old.

Unfortunately, many companies wait too long, and when they finally come to the realization that enterprise software is not the solution, they are often hundreds of millions of dollars into their investment with no end in sight. With One Network you can still leverage existing investments, and usually deploy new business solutions on One Network rapidly, usually in less than six months.

One Network’s platform provides rapid time to value for app developers as well. On average, companies see a 30-50% improvement in developer productivity and 50-70% reduction in ongoing support costs. In contrast to the closed and proprietary systems they are typically forced to use with other enterprise systems, One Network developers use open standards that enable them to get their app up and running much faster than on other platforms.

Modularity with Backwards Compatibility

You want to keep moving forward, but you also want to leverage your past technology investments. Instead of monolithic COTS tools, One Network is modular. ONE’s unique modular approach offers you unprecedented flexibility and rapid time to value.

One Network modules are deployed rapidly using an Agile approach instead of a waterfall approach. This means instead of figuring out everything before you use the system, we’ll deploy your set of modules using an agile methodology, with a six-month average production release time. We can do this one module at a time, and can make changes as we go along, to ensure optimal results with minimal risk.

You can build your own modules in ONE’s supported development environment, work with One Network to extend the existing modules to fit your unique needs, or leverage the partner ecosystem and have someone build it for you. Regardless of which path you take, any module you use will be backward compatible with everything below it. This means your IT plan will develop momentum over time, rather than stall after a few years.

Industry Cores

One Network offers a series of industry core modules that define how data models, master data, and transactional business flows work by industry. Current industry cores include Automotive, Defense, Retail/CPG, Food Service, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, High Tech and Humanitarian Aid.

On top of these industry cores, ONE offers a set of modules that can be used as-is or extended as needed. These modules include numerous engines that support virtually any supply chain process (e.g. planning, replenishment, order management, logistics, transportation), and many others that optimize a variety of multi-party processes outside of supply chain. If the platform doesn’t have the technology or module that you need, you can easily build your own.

Break Down Silos and Fully Leverage Your Legacy Investment with ONE’s Tunable System of Control

A key advantage of ONE’s industry cores is that they free you to unlock the full potential of your existing technology. One Network’s unique Tunable System of Control capability enables you to assign One Network or another application as the system-of-record for any state or action in a process. The ONE platform then manages the end-to-end processes, but where appropriate, intervening steps can be processed by pre-existing systems. This “embrace or replace,” approach allows companies to leverage any local systems until they require replacement, at which time the ONE platform can take on increasing responsibilities.

One Network’s unique Tunable System of Control means that complex multi-party processes that span systems and network services, can be seamlessly delegated and coordinated, to ensure no system is siloed and no IT investment is wasted.

Today’s workforce has embraced social media tools to stay connected in their personal lives. With Social Apps, they can now do the same at work, connecting to colleagues and trading partners to resolve issues rapidly and in real time.

Enabling the Intelligent Enterprise and Intelligent Networks

One Network also offers the market the first suite of decision- making and automated execution engines.

NEO, One Network’s patented machine learning and intelligent agent technology, enables you to optimize and automate complex business processes. It enables you to address execution problems dynamically, and fix them proactively, continuously and incrementally.

With all trading partners on a single network, for the first time it is possible to optimize processes not just within the corporate silo, but across systems, functions and companies.

One Network platform is designed to do exactly that. NEO planning, optimization and automation agents, take into account factors including real-time demand, supply, logistics, external conditions (weather, traffic, etc.) and constraints, across companies and across the network. This enables them to unlock much more value than traditional solutions and ensures the highest end-customer service levels at the lowest cost.

The network services are focused on bringing continuity, alignment, and optimization between traditional silo (one company at a time) solutions and processes. NEO agents run in parallel directly on the transaction streams across corporate boundaries, enabling fast response to unexpected conditions and automating everyday decisions that drive continuous improvements.

Enabling the Social Enterprise

Today’s workforce and consumers have embraced social media tools to stay connected in their personal lives. With ONE’s Social Apps, they can now do the same at work. Social Apps are embedded in the platform and can be included in any module. This enables seamless unstructured communication and collaboration within the network. You can create bespoke chatrooms around a particular business problem, and mass broadcast across your network, all in real time.

These secure Social Apps can be integrated into all workflows and transactions, and are also being made available to One Network’s community of developers for use in third-party applications built on One Network’s cloud platform.

A Platform That is Open and Developer-Friendly

The ONE Platform and all modules are built in an environment called Dev Net. Dev Net includes a toolkit based on an open system and open standards, giving anyone the opportunity to build their own modules. Today, independent app developers, internal IT departments and, of course, One Network’s developers, are creating modules using the same tools and technologies.

The ONE platform contains a robust framework for building your own NEO automation agents and user experiences so that you can develop a user experience that’s extensible, adaptable, and interchangeable.

Embrace and Enhance, Then Replace

One Network gives you the freedom to connect to any system and gain visibility across your entire IT organization, including those of your business partners. This will reduce your organization’s risk and on-going maintenance costs as you are no longer locked into any one solution provider.

Patented Permissions Framework Provides Privacy and the Flexibility to Collaborate Securely

With an award-winning U.S. Marine Corp solution and numerous Department of Defense projects, you can be assured that One Network takes security seriously. Multiple data centers provide critical redundancy. ONE’s patented multiparty permissions framework gives you precise control over what is shared with your partners and what remains private and confidential.

One Network Enables the Agile Business

One Network’s unique platform and services enable you to increase your flexibility and your ROI. It ensures you get the maximum return from your existing technology, while leveraging the latest and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, and blockchain. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

One Network allows you to create new capabilities rapidly whether transactional, execution, or planning. NEO enables you to optimize and automate complex, multi-party business processes. ONE Blockchain enables you to incorporate blockchain technology into your solutions, and write transactions to blockchain networks such as Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric.

With One Network, you’ll get a Dev Net-enabled platform that is rapid to deploy and fully backward compatible. It is delivered via an agile, incremental approach vs. the waterfall approach, and enables unmatched speed and capability in your business. Because it’s network-based and the costs are shared across the ecosystem, you’ll get it at a fraction of the cost of other solutions and deployed in half the time.