What is a Federated Network?


A federated network is a group of interconnected digital business networks with the ability to transparently send data and messages between parties, such that all the networks function as one network.

A federated network means that multiple platform instances are able to operate as a single integrated virtual network, with a single version of the truth (SVOT) with respect to data and transactions for all networks and parties.  It can also connect an unlimited number of trading partners and their networks.

An effective federated network typically requires a community master data repository to standardize data and streamline and standardize data across all modules and all public and private networks.  This minimizes data errors and data conflicts and in turn enables greater simplicity, accuracy, speed, and efficiency. A federated network should also continue to operate when that connection is lost, and resynchronize on reconnection to ensure continuity and data integrity. In relation to supply chain management, a federated network provides an important competitive advantage as businesses can optimize the entire community of trading partners via the cloud.

One Network's Perspective on Federated Networks

One Network Enterprises offers a complete, proven federated network environment for supply chain planning and execution. One Network leverages the strengths of a Federated Network including providing a SVOT for all the network participants – thus enabling the community of trading partners to efficiently collaborate with the goal of satisfying customer demand at lowest cost. As the name implies, One Network was founded on the idea of a single federated network for business operations and supply chain management.

Federated Network Resources

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