What is Product Traceability?


Product traceability is the ability to identify the point of origin, and then track and trace the journey of an item through every step of the supply chain.

Product traceability helps ensure that products in the supply chain are authentic and safe. Ensuring a strong chain-of-custody process can also help reduce theft, product switching, and mishandling. It helps companies improve customer service levels and lower costs, as the delivery status, path, location of every product is known accurately.

Traditionally, product traceability has been difficult to achieve, as legacy supply chain management and ERP systems provide limited visibility outside of the enterprise.

Product traceability is a critical capability that also supports effective product recall management. It can help companies quickly identify the location of out-of-specification product lots, help identify and isolate the source of the problem, and help resolve the issue quickly while minimizing the impact at lowest cost. Over the past decade high profile brands – from Blue Bell to Chipotle – have wrestled with product recalls.

One Network's Perspective on Product Traceability

One Network Enterprises’ NEO Platform supports traceability and chain of custody for all trading partners on a single platform and maintains a real-time single version of the truth for supply chain management. This means end-to-end visibility from raw materials, across all tiers of supply, and across all modes and legs of the supply chain, right to the delivered product. Only a real-time network platform for all trading partners can provide robust product traceability regardless of the who is in possession of the product at any given moment. One Network provides companies with a complete product traceability solution, chain of custody, and recall management solution.

Leveraging GPS, IoT, and telematics, One Network’s NEO Platform can also provide rich data about your product, such as location, temperature, and condition.  This is especially useful for sensitive and high value products, such as pharmaceuticals.

Product and Supply Chain Traceability Resources

How to Achieve Product Traceability Across Your Supply Network

How to track the full chain-of- custody for every item from start to finish, providing visibility across final products, intermediates, and raw materials in real time from their source, across trading partners and to the end consumer.


Webinar: Imperial Logistics Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Listen to Clinton DeSouza, Director of Public Health at Imperial Logistics, as he discusses how Imperial Logistics is leveraging One Network to provide an end-to-end fulfillment backbone spanning their entire distribution process for essential medical supplies, including serialization and authentication of HIV and antimalarial drugs.