What is Telematics?


Telematics is a system that transmits data over a telecommunications network.

In relation to supply chain management, vehicle telematics assist in monitoring positional information and other parameters for vehicle assets - such as cars, trucks, ships, rail, and their loads - using GPS and onboard equipment to record movements and conditions. Telematics can be used to monitor and control all kinds of assets, including trailers, containers, and vehicle performance, as well as relay information between vehicles, and between vehicles and infrastructure.

The telematics industry has experienced tremendous growth with the rise of cloud-based solutions and IoT.  Telematics solutions now help to monitor everything from fuel consumption to regulatory compliance, safety and product quality (such as temperatures for foods and pharmaceuticals, for example), productivity, and more. Telematics can play a key role in helping optimize logistics and the supply chain, by recording and relaying the location and condition of shipments in-transit, and by providing essential data for the accurate determination of estimated times of arrival (ETAs).

One Network's Perspective on Telematics

One Network Enterprise’s platform is a unified platform that combines the power of telematics with planning and execution to provide global visibility and optimized decision making. One Network’s Telematics Solution captures, analyzes, and consumes real-time streaming data from GPS, IoT devices, sensors, and electronic data logging devices (ELD) embedded in containers and vehicles, including tractors and trailers. It provides real-time status and locations of orders, predicted future locations, and accurate arrival times. It can provide advanced monitoring for temperature and door openings. In addition, the platform’s intelligent NEO agents consider factors, such as speed, traffic, and delivery times to optimize the logistics and supply chain. The platform also alerts users to potential problems with predictive analytics and proposes optimal solutions using prescriptive analytics as well.

Telematics and Supply Chain Resources

ONE’s Telematics Solution: Real-Time Data, GPS, IOT and More

Real-time data is more important than ever in creating efficient, responsive and resilient supply chains. This solution brief explains how you can boost service levels and performance, with real-time data to optimize and automate your supply chain management.


ONE Announces a Telematics-Enabled Control Tower for Real-Time Supply Chain Management

For global carriers, freight forwarders and other logistics service providers, the solution includes pre-integrated connections to telematics services, making it easy to connect and collaborate with shipping partners on One Network’s Real Time Value Network, which includes thousands of transportation providers.


Webinar: The Power of a Telematics-Enabled Control Tower

Telematics can provide real-time GPS tracking and sensor-based information for every shipment, and there is no doubt it’s a breakthrough technology. But for world-class supply chain execution, you need much more.


One Network's Logistics Control Tower

Gain end-to-end visibility, insight and control over your transportation network. Learn how you can achieve 30-50% reduction in premium freight costs, 10-40% reduction in overall annual transportation costs, 2-10% increase in equipment utilization, and 12-50% reduction in manual planning.