What is TMS?


TMS means Transportation Management System, a system that helps businesses coordinate the movement of goods, from raw materials through manufacturing and distribution to the customer.

TMS includes three key capabilities: transportation planning, transportation execution, and transportation optimization. TMS plays a central role in supply chain management and with increased globalization, growing global populations, and the rise of online shopping and e-commerce, TMS solutions are increasing in importance worldwide.

Transportation management is a multi-party business process and for optimum results requires a network platform to provide global visibility and optimization for all participants. Yet traditional TMS usually works with legacy ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or traditional enterprise-centric order processing and warehouse/distribution modules which limit performance. This leads to suboptimal results because traditional ERP systems, by their very nature, are primarily designed to operate within a single enterprise.

One Network's Perspective on TMS

One Network’s NEO Platform is unique in that it offers a Transportation Management System that optimizes transportation, orders, and service levels across the entire business network.  One Network’s Intelligent Logistics solution is designed to consider supply and demand simultaneously, and it leverages the multi-party nature of the platform to optimize transportation. One Network’s intelligent agents, called NEO, constantly monitor the network and provide recommendations to help solve upstream and downstream issues that directly affect transportation, shipments, and orders. In addition, trading partners can be given relevant access to TMS capabilities, providing shippers and logistics providers complete visibility and control over all transportation transactions.

Transportation Management System Resources

One Network's Logistics Control Tower

Gain end-to-end visibility, insight and control over your transportation network. Learn how you can achieve 30-50% reduction in premium freight costs, 10-40% reduction in overall annual transportation costs, 2-10% increase in equipment utilization, and 12-50% reduction in manual planning.


One Network's Logistics Solution

Learn how ONE’s Transportation Management System (TMS) and Intelligent Logistics solution can lower your premium freight costs, increase asset utilization, reduce inventory, and optimize and automate your manual planning and execution processes.


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