Supply Chain Solutions for Defense

18.0 for Defense

Release 18.0 brings major improvements for the Defense supply chain management

Highlights of 18.0 for Defense

This solution showcases an end-to-end digital solution for integrated planning and execution in the military supply chain. This is also the only solution that meets key U.S. DoD compliance directives including FIAR, DLMS and IUID/serialization. It also supports disconnected operations, multiple tiers of operation, and touchscreen interfaces essential for optimized deployment to handheld mobile technologies. when communications reliability is uncertain.

Resources for Defense

New Capabilities for Defense in Release 18.0

Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS) Support

DLMS is similar to the EDI standards in the commercial world. It allows all the various entities within the Defense ecosystem to exchange information via a shared standard. This greatly reduces the proprietary, home grown, point-to-point integration within the industry.

Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) Enablement

By providing a comprehensive, single version of the truth, cradle-to-grave total asset visibility, ONE’s solution enables the DoD to demonstrate FIAR compliance consistent with congressional audit directives.

Disconnected Operations

The One Network Defense solution can be deployed in combat operations, Peace Keeping, Humanitarian Assistance or Disaster Relief (HADR) operations where connectivity is either intermittent or non-existent for extended periods. The solution maintains full data fidelity while disconnected and allows the warfighter to perform their mission requirements while connectivity is not available.

Touch Screen User Interface

Workflows have been redesigned to be optimized for mobile, touch screen-enabled handheld device usage and are easily ported to multiple mobile devices, reducing the amount of time to develop and support multiple UIs.

Assembly / Kitting

The ONE solution can be used to assemble kits or finished material, such as aviation ordnance or deployable mission kits in real-time using touch enabled devices that can operate while fully disconnected.

License Plating

The license plating solution improves overall warehouse operations efficiency by enabling product moves with less scans and fewer data integrity and manual entry issues. This is especially useful when performing containerization operations.

Asset Inspections

The solution provides an end-to-end solution to plan, capture, resolve and report asset inspections in a structured manner.

Operations Monitoring and Notifications

The system provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring critical operations, while providing real time reporting to command and control nodes world-wide.