The Digital Supply Chain Network

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A Revolutionary Multi-Party, Multi-Tier Network

The Real Time Value Network is now The Digital Supply Chain Network™.

The Digital Supply Chain Network™ is the revolutionary multi-party network that exploits the latest trends remaking consumer and business technology–cloud-based computing, many-to-many networks, social networking, big and fast data, and mobile apps. The result is the world’s first and only real time decision-making supply chain suite. It enables an unlimited number of trading partners to plan, execute, monitor, synchronize, and optimize in real time all of the business processes and events that take place throughout their extended supply chains, from customers to raw material suppliers.

The Digital Supply Chain Network™ drives dramatic improvements in demand, supply, and logistics management effectiveness and efficiency by providing best-of-breed application functionality with a “single version of the truth”. It is the only technology that marries planning and execution processes based on actual demand and supply conditions. It connects, coordinates, and enhances all enterprise systems, including traditional supply chain management tools, ERP systems, “best of breed” solutions, third- and fourth-party applications, and other cloud-based systems.

The Digital Supply Chain Network™ currently is comprised of over 90,000 trading partners. Organizations that connect to the network gain the potential ability to transact with any organization already on the network, offering a true many-to-many global network.

  The actual results for inventory reduction that we have realized is double the goal that we initially set out to achieve and we identified specific products where inventory reduction could be reduced by 40 percent or more.  

- Doug Lair, Global Director of Material and Logistics, Dana

Why Connect to the Digital Supply Chain Network™?

Organizations that connect experience dramatic cash flow improvements through revenue enhancements from improved customer service levels, reduced operating expenses, and increased working capital. Find out more about the Real Time Value Network below:

  • Real Time - The Digital Supply Chain Network removes the latency from you and your trading partners’ traditional technology systems. You will gain the ability to sense and respond to events from across the supply chain in real time.
  • Optimizes - In the Digital Supply Chain Network, supply, demand, logistics, and capacities are planned and executed within the same system, based on the most recent available supply and demand data. The Real Time Value Network does more than make existing processes more efficient, it is designed to capture the value that exists beyond the four walls of your organization.
  • Connect and Coordinates - The Digital Supply Chain Network connects and coordinates all trading partners and traditional systems to each other and to the end customer. A single information “pipe” into the network provides integration across multiple companies’ ERP and execution systems. All connected parties can interact and transact on a single platform that contains the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Scalable - The Digital Supply Chain Network’s unique horizontal grid architecture makes it scalable across technology and business processes. It manages the millions of daily transactions and data points that today’s large value chains generate. It can also connect an unlimited number of users, trading partners, and systems.

What Makes the Digital Supply Chain Network™ Different?

Most solutions require their customers to emphasize either planning or execution. Yet transformative supply chain success – such as dramatic reductions in inventory levels, award-winning service levels, and continuous flow through – requires that real time planning over any time horizon be married to real time execution of transactions. Only the Digital Supply Chain Network™ has a patented, underlying cloud-based architecture that is designed from the ground-up to combine integrated business planning with real time optimized execution. The result is the world’s first and only real time decision-making supply chain suite.

This revolutionary approach begins with a single order forecast that extends from today to weeks or months in the future. Yet where other tools must wait days, weeks, and even months to adjust the plan, the Digital Supply Chain Network’s unique integrated business planning approach uses actual demand and supply conditions to adjust all long and near-term plans for every item at every location in near real time.

And execution? The Digital Supply Chain Network™ uses these highly accurate plans to automatically optimize and execute the vast majority of transactions with real time decision-making technology, saving human intelligence for the exceptions. All demand, supply, and required capacities are automatically matched throughout the day. The patented incremental planning and execution engines use this real time planning capability to coordinate all parties around actual consumer requirements without introducing any nervousness into the supply chain. Thus, you can be certain that today’s demand is automatically reflected in the next order and the next shipment. You and your trading partners, from customers to raw material suppliers, will be able to collaborate and execute in the cloud in real time.


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