New Milestone in AI as One Network Launches AI Assistant for Supply Chain

NEO Assistant™, the world’s first supply chain AI assistant, enables better decision making through real-time actionability, adaptive flows, Smart Prescriptions™, and interactive visualizations

Dallas, TX – February 21, 2024 – One Network Enterprises (ONE), the leading global provider of intelligent control towers and the Digital Supply Chain Network™, is pleased to announce the beta release of NEO Assistant™, the world’s first supply chain AI assistant.

Large Language Models (LLM) like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm in the past year. However, a truly effective assistant that can dramatically boost a user’s productivity and insights needs to go beyond basic chat functionality. The assistant needs to understand not only the current real-time state of the user’s supply chain but also the (possibly unstated) intent of what the user is asking for.

NEO Assistant™ is fully aware of the real-time state of the user’s supply chain and re-evaluates its assumptions when this state changes. NEO Assistant™ constantly understands problems in the supply chain as they occur and will suggest intelligent and executable Smart Prescriptions™ which can be executed with a single click. Smart Prescriptions™ are generated where the user has configured the system to run semi-autonomously rather than fully autonomously to allow users an opportunity to review and channel decisions.

Watch a video of NEO Assistant™ in action:

Additionally, NEO Assistant™ enables adaptive flows where it guides the user through complex dynamic decision-making processes which are very difficult to execute with scripted workflows. NEO Assistant™ also puts real-time visualizations such as interactive maps, inventory views, etc. right into the chat. Finally, it enables an (optional) voice-driven interface which allows for hands-free use.

NEO Assistant™ is built on One Network’s Digital Supply Chain Network™, and thus inherits its capabilities and characteristics such as respecting multi-party permissions, single-version-of-the-truth, contextual linking to related screens, etc. It builds on NEO’s existing AI/ML capabilities, such as the ability to “Bring Your Own Intelligence” and blends classic optimization with machine learning.

“A supply chain assistant with the reasoning of a large language model combined with adaptive flows, prescriptions, and visualization represents a truly new paradigm for decision-making,” said Ranjit Notani, Chief Technology Officer of ONE. “It provides a radically new user experience. In some ways, it is the most natural interface for adaptive decision making. However, it goes beyond this to guide the user in solving complex multi-step problems in dynamically changing real-time environments.”

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