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One Network’s proven platform services deliver high reliability, security, and performance for the world’s largest and most complex supply chains in Defense, Government, Public Sector and A&D

A Track Record of Superior Deployment and Sustainment Solutions

One Network has successfully partnered with government agencies in the U.S. and abroad to deliver cloud-based solutions via the Platform-as-a-Service model that have helped solve a wide variety of multi-party problems.

Our work with the Department of Defense (DoD) is a prime example of the benefits of our cloud platform and the PaaS approach.

  One Network has successfully developed the world’s first real-time decision-making, multi-party cloud platform with innovative features and functionalities that provide an enhanced user experience.  

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The Department of Defense (DoD) is made up of many service arms and agencies that must work seamlessly together in order to achieve optimal performance. The service arms are supported in both deployment and sustainment activities by the DLA,USTRANSCOM, OSD, and many private sector contractors, outsourced manufacturers, and service suppliers product suppliers.

The result is that the DoD’s current operations operate in “silos”, which results in the buildup of over-sized inventories, extremely long lead times, limited service levels and cost inefficiencies. Traditional commercial off the shelf software (COTS) will not work for the service arms of the DoD because they offer a single enterprise architecture and single enterprise process approach that can’t meet the multi-enterprise, multi-echelon, requirements of the DoD.

One Network Transforms U.S. Marine Corps’ Asset Management


  • Existing system aging, error-prone, and tightly integrated to legacy
  • Needed extensible platform to modernize capabilities, and provide future business transformation opportunities
  • Connection to legacy systems via 168 MILS message sets


  • Achieved global inventory visibility across 398 DoDICs
  • Improved service levels to 124 supported activities
  • Transaction error rate plummeted from >60% to less than 3%
  • Reduced total system cost deploy, maintain and support
  • Improved customer satisfaction with 100% system availability


The Defense Core Module

One Network’s cloud platform provides a purpose-built Defense Core module that can manage nearly any transaction and enables each service arm, whether it be the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy or Marine Corps, to integrate closely with each other, as well as the DLA, USTRANSCOM and any civilian companies. The result is that all legacy systems are connected and the service arms have the ability to transact, execute and plan together.

The Defense Core module includes:

  • IUID Tracking and OSD Registry reporting.
  • DLMS messaging compliance
  • MILSTRIP messaging compliance
  • Platform to Platform Integration – Connected and disconnected. Store and forward with guaranteed delivery
  • Master Data Management
  • Manages Repairables, Forecasts, Capacities
  • Operates in all military tiers: Strategic, Operational and Tactical
  • Audit (FIAR) compliance
  • Commanders dashboards for the Commander’s Critical Information Requirements (CCIR’s)

One Network’s work with the USMC resulted in the receipt of the Department of the Navy Information Management IT (DON IM/IT) Excellence Award.

A New Model for Government IT Strategies

One Network’s many projects with the U.S. Government and foreign governments around world demonstrate the flexibility, cost-benefits, and power of our cloud platform and the PaaS approach. Schedule a time to speak to one of our government experts and we’ll work together to see how One Network can help you achieve your goals.

An Overview of How One Network Works for Government and Defense

Supply Chain Resources for Aerospace and Defense

Optimizing the Defense Supply Chain with One Network

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