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Challenges and Solutions in Implementing AI in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Without a solid foundation and strategy, AI initiatives are bound to fail

We see the same mistakes over and over again. Here are the top four to avoid, and a strategy for radically improving your chances of success.

Artificial intelligence (AI), obviously offers enormous potential value to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, in transforming their supply chains. But without a robust strategy, proper implementation, and rigorous prioritization of high value use cases in production, most of this value is lost.

Too often, AI implementations fizzle out, with little to show in terms of business value.

Or if they do deliver value in some niche area, they are difficult to scale across the enterprise and trading partners, to really transform the supply chain.

This paper explores the practical challenges for successfully implementing AI in pharmaceutical supply chains, and offers a strategy that generates high returns quickly, while minimizing implementation overhead and risk.

Learn the four big the pitfalls to avoid, and our proven strategy to make AI really deliver value in your supply chain.

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