Supply Chain Webinars

Upcoming and Recorded Webinars on Trends and Technology in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Upcoming Supply Chain Webinars

How Albertsons Masters Transportation Management

Tim Wells, Director of Corporate Traffic, will explain how Albertsons gained total visibility and control over their retail and manufacturing transportation, and how this enabled them to lower costs and improve service levels. Tim will share details of how One Network’s Logistics Control Tower has improved the inbound scheduling process and reduced scheduling overhead by 90%, enables them to collaborate in real-time with trading partners to optimize cross-company processes, and more.

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Recorded Webinars

Optimizing Inbound Supply Processes for CPG & Life Science Companies

Optimizing direct procurement and inbound supply means much more than just streamlining your “procure-to-pay” processes. Learn how to mitigate the risks in your critical inbound supply of direct materials, and apply real-time prescriptive analytics to optimize decision making, increase resilience, and unlock enormous business value for all parties. We’ll explain how.

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Intelligent Control Towers with Prescriptive Analytics

Control towers have evolved way beyond visibility. Today’s control towers provide powerful capabilities and real-time responsiveness with Autonomous Problem-Solving, Global Demand-Supply Matching and Global Available-to-Promise. Learn how leading companies use control towers and prescriptive analytics to plan, optimize, execute and automate their supply chains for greater resilience and world class performance.

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Optimize Supply Chain Performance With Your Digital Twin

Learn why your digital twin needs to be an extension of your planning & operations platform – one that applies statistical, machine learning, and AI algorithms along with various workflow options to solve problems. With it, you’ll be able to evaluate choices based on the top algorithms in the market, and then make those choices actionable in real time. They can be strategic in nature or can fix a problem expected to occur in the next few hours. Sound too good to be true? We’ll explain how.

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How to Manage and Optimize the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Supply Chain

Tom Lee, Chief Supply Chain Officer of Lovesac and Joe Bellini, COO of One Network Enterprises, explain how to manage multiple channels on a single platform, with integrated logistics management from first mile to last. Joe explains the technology that powers world-class consumer direct supply chains, and Tom explains the strategies behind Lovesac’s continued revenue growth and delivery performance – despite the pandemic. You’ll walk away knowing how you can master your full supply chain, from raw materials to doorstep delivery.

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Optimizing Supply Chains in Demand Driven Healthcare

Learn about a new program for Healthcare Suppliers, offered by One Network and Vizient, the nation’s largest healthcare GPO, to strengthen the supply chain bonds between hospitals and every supplier. For pharmaceuticals and supplies, food service and furnishings, a strategy proven in other sectors has finally come to healthcare. Optimize internal supply chains, improve hospital service levels, optimize inbound systems, and lower costs. While the focus is on healthcare, the strategy is applicable to all industries.

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The Power of a Telematics-Enabled Control Tower

Telematics can provide real-time GPS tracking and sensor-based information for every shipment, and there is no doubt it’s a breakthrough technology. But for world-class supply chain execution, you need much more. More than vehicle location and status, you need the details of every order that’s on-board, and how it relates to all your other supply chain requirements. Learn how Telematics can give you this information and drive dramatic improvements in your supply chain.

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AI for Supply Chain Practitioners: 8 Keys to Success

Hosted by Joe Bellini, author and AI strategist, explore the fundamentals that supply chain managers must understand in order to maximize business results from AI implementations. Artificial Intelligence offers huge benefits in the supply chain to unlock enormous value, but only if it’s based on solid fundamentals that consider the scale and dynamics of today’s business networks.

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Enabling the Autonomous Supply Chain

Machine Learning and AI are changing our lives as consumers, and now they are making rapid inroads in business. How can you harness the business value of AI and not fall for the hype? Seth Lippincott of Nucleus Research and One Network’s Geoff Annesley discuss business networks and NEO, the machine learning and intelligent agent technology that enables the autonomous supply chain. Geoff will also discuss ONE’s unique “Never Legacy” program that guarantees the future support of supply chain customizations.

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Reshaping Retail Restaurants in the Digital Age

Learn how Bloomin’ Brands Inc, a leading restaurant group whose brands include Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar and Outback Steakhouse digitized their supply chain with an end-to-end business network approach. Juan Guerrero, BBI’s Chief Global Supply Chain Officer and Bernard Goor, One Network’s VP of Retail share the strategies and solutions that they’ve used to solve some of the biggest problems in the restaurant and food industry – and share business results.

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Control Towers in the Retail Supply Chain

In this insightful Webinar, Resolve Solution Partners showcases how it assisted Pick n Pay to improve on-time, in-full delivery performance with the help of One Network Enterprises. You will gain insight into how Pick n Pay manages its central distribution system, how a logistics control tower was implemented and adopted, as well as the partnership between One Network, Pick n Pay and Resolve on their control tower journey.

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Supply Chain 2019: Building the Consumer Value Chain

Using the fifth-annual CGT Supply Chain Report as the starting point, this unique webinar will examine the ways in which consumer goods companies are responding to these seismic changes and transforming their supply chain practices to meet the needs of an omnichannel consumer marketplace. A panel of subject matter experts examines the key areas of focus for consumer goods companies as they confront the unprecedented disruption they’re facing in their traditional supply chain practices.

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Imperial Logistics is Building the World’s Only Blockchain-Enabled Pharmaceutical Control Tower

Join Imperial Logistics as they explain how they leverage One Network to provide an end-to-end fulfillment backbone spanning their entire distribution process for essential medical supplies, including serialization and authentication of HIV and antimalarial drugs.

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How Private Blockchains Can Revolutionize Enterprise And Multi-Party Networks

Multi-party and enterprise networks are complex business environments with competing interests that are frequently distributed across borders. The number of players, IT partners, and regulatory participants involved make it difficult and costly for companies to innovate when working in these complex digital networks.

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Executive Outlook for Supply Chain 2019

SDCE’s annual Executive Outlook educational webinar brings together industry executives for a roundtable discussion of the top-level trends and developments taking shape in the supply chain sector and what that means for the year ahead.

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Risk Mitigation I

Watch this webinar to learn more about identifying risk in your supply chain and preparing and planning accordingly. Join a panel featuring Vicki Holt, President and Chief Executive Officer at Protolabs, Tony Pelli, Senior Supply Chain Risk Consultant at BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions, and One Network’s VP of Retail Solutions, as they discuss best practices for analyzing and mitigating supply chain risk.

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Inside Control Tower 4.0

Guest host Seth Lippincott of Nucleus Research and Dr. Adeel Najmi discuss how Industry 4.0 technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and autonomous systems are being incorporated into supply chain control towers, and the dramatic results they make possible.

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