Restaurant & Food Service Supply Chain Solutions

One Network provides integrated end-to-end solutions for restaurant and food service companies with visibility and agility from menu PLU to SKU, from restaurants to food ingredients, and across distributors, logistics providers, and suppliers.

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Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions

The foodservice and restaurant supply chain solutions face major challenges. Ongoing high demand volatility require supply chain agility. Meeting customer demand while containing waste and lowering overhead costs requires complete end-to-end visibility, business intelligence, and collaboration. A network is the solution.


with real time automated planning

Reduce COGS

Lower inventory 40-50%


Respond 10X faster

  Real time visibility, coupled with demand-based forecasting, will help create a more efficient and agile supply chain. 

- Lissette Gonzalez, Vice President, Global Planning and Forecasting, BBI

Real Time Visibility Across All Trading Partners

One Network’s patented platform shares real-time demand and information across all trading partners with immediate visibility and automated actions, eliminating delays and reducing costs through waste reduction, lower required inventory levels and reduced demand on employees. The Real Time Value Network provides powerful apps, unified on one platform, so they are always in sync and working intelligently together. They provide:

  • POS and Demand Sensing – POS transaction data may be loaded daily or hourly. ONE’s proprietary Demand Sensing engine analyzes recent patterns in POS data at a restaurant or store and at item level to determine where demand-driven forecast adjustments are needed. These adjustments are relayed through automated replenishment planning to drive better allocation of resources to the restaurants and stores that have the greatest need.
  • Menu Item POS to SKU – ONE developed a unique approach to translate demand for menu items to restaurant raw material requirements. Demand forecasts are generated in both menu items and raw material items.
  • Tracking, Audits and Compliance – Lot tracking, sustainability, recalls, audit trails, regulatory compliance. It’s all there to get the right eyes on the most important issues for a quick resolution.
  • Global Transaction Backbone – across 3PL, 4PL, Suppliers, Distributors, Carriers, Warehouse providers and Customs. The Network facilitates collaboration across multiple partners in real time.

How It Works

One Network’s patented Real Time Value Network provides a powerful multi-party, multi-tier, hub-to-hub network, providing a global transaction backbone with a single version of the truth for all parties.

The One Network Difference

  • Multi-tier enables better decisions, more responsiveness, reduces over-ordering and waste, reduces surprise stock-outs, and improves freshness.
  • Real time visibility to POS consumer demand, not just store orders. A multi-tier solution improves sell-thru, improves forecast, and lowers inventory costs.
  • Multi-party to better coordinate processes and trading partners and enable real time collaboration. All parties on the network enjoy the full power of the solution.

Spend Control: Lower Restaurant and Store Inventory by 40 -50%, Drive Contract Adherence to 99%+ and Reduce COGS

Long term forecasts to improve commodity sourcing, pricing, on-time delivery and service level adherence, and spend control

  • Contract Compliance during execution; Single Version Of the Truth (SVOT) root cause analysis for determining chargebacks
  • Long term commodity forecasts project raw material requirements for months or years into future. Negotiate long term deals with confidence in demand forecasts.
  • Optimized Execution – Reduce order processing and planning time by using ONE’s automated replenishment. ONE calculates requirements based upon current restaurant/store inventory, orders already placed and projected usage. Usage of raw materials is tied directly to menu item sales forecast using recipes.
  • Dynamic Inventory Optimization – Last Minute Allocation (LMA) directs DC inventory to the stores with greatest need and likelihood of selling. This results in fewer stock out and reduced waste.
  • Raw Material Price Reduction – driven by better long range forecasts requiring less inventory at suppliers
  • Fewer Expedites – reduce spot commodity orders

How It Works

The Real Time Value Network provides a SVOT for perfect order root cause analysis for charge-backs, and optimized execution.

The One Network Difference

ONE’s Real Time Value Network (RTVN) enables increased visibility, faster and more efficient collaboration and more accurate restaurant and store orders. ONE translates from menu item demand to raw material demand using defined recipes.

Demand Sensing (DT) monitors POS transactions and quickly modifies forecasts where a store or group of stores is experiencing a deviation in actual customer traffic or menu item selection.

Increased Network and Operational Agility

The combined power of increased network and operational agility means unprecedented responsiveness, revenue capture and cost reductions for all parties in the foodservice supply chain.

  • Network – Add / replace restaurants, franchises, distributors, suppliers; (includes on-boarding, purges etc.)
  • Operational – Automated exception based Sense and Respond (demand/supply/business continuity), LTO (Limited Time Offer promotions) planning and execution
  • Reducing information lead time – Eliminate the time required to gather and send data to a trading partner. By working in a single, real time network, restaurants realize reduced inventory and demand volatility risk
  • Flexible – Place orders as needed rather than waiting to adhere to fixed batch times

How It Works

The Real Time Value Network enables you to optimize as you execute, reducing costs by 5-15% and improving service. It provides continuous, automated exception-based event-based, sense and respond, collaboration and execution while reducing human effort and achieving superior forecast accuracy, reduced inventory, fewer stock outs and reduced waste.

The One Network Difference

  • Autonomous NEO Agents – ONE proprietary intelligent agents (NEO) are purpose built to optimize throughout the forecasting, replenishment, allocation and restaurant ordering process
  • Theoretical Minimum – with ONE’s Real Time Value Network, customers enjoy near zero information lead time, and near theoretical minimum inventory levels
  • Optimized Execution – well coordinated and visible partner collaboration reducing lead times and inventory
  • Network-in-a-box – get trading partners integrated with the network quickly, even if their other technology is limited

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