Restaurant and Foodservice Supply Chain Solutions

Integrated end-to-end solutions for all restaurant and foodservice supply chain partners, providing visibility, synchronization, and agility from menu PLU to SKU, from restaurants to raw materials, across distributors, logistics providers, and suppliers.


Restaurant and Foodservice Overview

The Real Time Value Network brings you and all your trading partners together on a single platform, so you can share data and collaborate in real time to quickly and efficiently meet customer demand. Whether you are a restaurant, supplier, distributor or carrier, One Network gives you visibility, control and the business intelligence to respond to demand quickly and efficiently.

Gain Real Time Visibility

  • Real time visibility from Menu item to SKU
  • Total supply chain visibility across stores, DCs, suppliers, and carriers

Inventory Reduction

  • Lower store inventory by 40 -50%
  • Reduce bull-whip effect and safety stocks

Spend Control for Higher Margins and Profits

  • Drive contract adherence to over 99%
  • Reduce Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Reduce waste

Agility: Improve Service While Lowering Costs

  • Optimize as you execute
  • Reduce costs by 5 – 15%
  • Improve service
  • Synchronize, execute, improve Limited Time Offer (LTO) performance

  Real time visibility, coupled with demand-based forecasting, will help create a more efficient and agile supply chain.  

 – Lissette Gonzalez, Vice President, Global Planning and Forecasting, BBI

Dave Allen on Why Companies Need a Consumer-Driven Network

Solutions for Restaurant and Food Service

The Real Time Value Network for…

  • Restaurants – Improve service, improve freshness, and minimize shortages
  • Distributors – Improve service, reduce inventory and minimize logistics costs
  • Suppliers – Improve responsiveness and reduce inventory

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