Consumer Goods (CPG) Supply Chain Solutions

One Network helps consumer products companies achieve world-class performance in supply chain planning (S&OP) and execution across every trading partner in real time. Boost revenues, increase service levels, and lower inventories at the same time.

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Deliver Best-in-Class Service Levels While Minimizing Inventories

One Network’s cloud platform provides an end-to-end operating backbone that supports some of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. By connecting to our “many-to-many” network environment, you can manage planning, execution, and transactions across tens of thousands of your trading partners.

The result is unprecedented visibility and control across your supply chain while reducing total system cost to deploy, maintain, and support.

Today most consumer goods companies lack the ability to generate either order or inventory visibility with actionability across their supply network. They also lack the ability to quickly respond to fluctuating consumer demands, frequently resulting in sales promotions that run out of stock which in turn leads to lost business and customers. They absorb increasing numbers of product launch failures, struggle with higher inventory costs, and are saddled with ROI’s on trade promotions that can often turn negative.

  One of the requirements is One Network. We’ve made it a requirement of business engagement. If you don’t want to participate, then we’re not going to do business together!  

- A Top 3 US Retailer

How We Help

From a technology perspective, One Network provides a single platform backbone, enabling the selling, replenishment, and logistics processes for multi-party business transactions across multiple echelons in a CPG supply network. In other words it is an ecommerce engine, providing a network-based solution for managing information, executing processes, and monitoring performance to ensure customer orders are fulfilled accurately and cost efficiently across a complex network of sourcing and fulfillment processes.

Key capabilities include intelligent order forecast sourcing, global inventory visibility, real time order execution, intelligent logistics, and demand sensing in order to be responsive to shifting customer demands.

Sample Results from Actual CPG customers

  • In-Store In-Stocks: 99+% including promotions
  • Retailer DC DOS: 3-6 Days (Down from 12 to 15 days)
  • Chain-Wide Inventory, Shelf to Factory: 25 days (Down 50+%)
  • Supplier DOS Reductions: 35 to 40%
  • Significant TMS cost reductionsfor all parties
  • Labor reductions

One Network for Consumer Goods

  • Includes some of the world’s largest consumer goods companies
  • Spans Four Continents
  • Tens of thousands of suppliers connected
  • Executing millions of daily transactions

Tailored for CPG Multiparty Workflows

  • Demand Sensing
  • Intelligent Order Forecast Sourcing
  • Real Time Order Execution
  • Global Inventory Visibility
  • Scheduling and Capacity Management
  • Global Inbound Fulfillment
  • Interfaces with Industry-Standard EDI formats
  • Enables a social supply chain with Enterprise Social Graph collaboration tools

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