Automotive & Manufacturing Supply Chain Solutions

From planning to inbound supply and outbound fulfillment, One Network helps Manufacturers, OEMs and Tiered Suppliers in the digital transformation of their supply chains. Thousands of suppliers, carriers and freight forwarders are already on the Real Time Value Network.

The Digital Advantage for Automotive Supply Chains

One Network’s cloud platform provides a single, real-time, end-to-end operating backbone with intelligent agents that manage planning, execution, and orchestrate transactions across OEMs, all supplier tiers, dealers and logistics providers. The result is unprecedented visibility and control across your automotive supply chain, lower inventory, and increased agility, while reducing total system cost to deploy, maintain, and support. Watch the Real Time Value Network in action. Learn how automotive companies can collaborate in real time, to improve service and reduce costs and speed up the supply chain.

  The actual results for inventory reduction that we have realized is double the goal that we initially set out to achieve and we identified specific products where inventory reduction could be reduced by 40 percent or more.  

- Doug Lair, Global Director of Material and Logistics, Dana

Automotive and Industrial Solutions

Connect. Collaborate. Optimize. Execute.

  Our industry is about to change in a massive way. We need to respond to that. We will have margin pressure that we’ve never had before. We will need to drive supply chain cost reduction and improvement in ways that we’ve never been pushed to before. By having this real time visibility driving plans off one version of the truth, our effectiveness opportunity is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and probably quite in excess of that.  

- A Fortune 200 Automotive Components Manufacturer

Supply Chain Resources for Automotive and Manufacturing

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Real-Time Visibility Across the Automotive Supply Chain

One Network is the leader in control tower technology that drives tremendous operational efficiency improvements. This solution provides end-to-end visibility across your business and your partner network including visibility to on-hand and projected inventory for all suppliers at all tiers in your network.


One Network for Aftermarket Parts for Automotive

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Aftermarket Supply Chain Control Tower Capabilities Checklist

As you consider your Control Tower options, if you can’t check all these boxes regarding Supply Chain Control Tower capabilities, you’ll be relegated to sub-optimal performance in your supply chain operations.


Network Services for Automotive & Industrial

All our Network Services are plug and play, easily enabled on the Real Time Value Network™.