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8 Keys to Success with Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain

How supply chain managers can ensure optimal success when implementing AI in supply chain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can offer a huge benefit to supply chain managers, but only if it is based on solid fundamentals that take into account the diverse and dynamic nature of today’s modern supply chains. Despite all the hype and investment in AI, it is yet to deliver the breakthrough results it is capable of generating. This report identifies the eight fundamentals that need to be in place in order to achieve the dramatic returns that AI is capable of delivering.


Key learning objectives:

  • What is artificial intelligence and what does it need to do to deliver value in the supply chain?
  • The key role of data in AI and how it underlies your success in implementing AI
  • The eight fundamentals you need to realize value from AI in your supply chain
  • Platform architecture to support AI - the four key elements to optimally exploit AI
  • Review of real world results - how diverse companies today are using autonomous agents to automate tasks, reduce operating expenditures, reducing inventory by as much as 31%, and more


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